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Difference Between Equity And Commodity

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Elaborating the investments and trade that take place  in the stock market, The words commodity and equity are quite common. however, it becomes mandatory to acknowledge the difference among a commodity and equity. though both the commodity & equity shares are investment assets in which people who invest can invest their funds buying or trading. in simple words, commodities and equity are much different to each other as commodities are the undifferentiated types of goods.

Difference Between Equity And Commodity

Difference Between Equity And Commodity

Equity means the shares traded on a stock exchange and what represent an ownership interest when someone buys it. It is the form of money invested into a business, or an asset that is symbolic of the ownership held in a business.
Commodity is the generic form of a product that is very basic and undifferentiated. In a company ‘s balance sheet.
though commodity can’t be differentiated as every of the commodity is equal to the other and can’t be picked out.
Commodity trades are short in term and keep concentrating on making gains through amount differences, and equity investments are done in general for a high portion of time, with a concentration on ownership in a firm full of success.

About, Stock and commodity exchanges, commodities get traded on a commodities exchange among futures and forwards. Commodity include sugar, wheat, copper, coffee, cotton, potatoes, etc.

In equity shares, the money that the owner contributes and shares that a share holder beheld represent the equity share, as ownership held in the company by others is shown by it. Equity shares, on the other side, means the shares sold by a firm on a stock exchange. Once an investor purchases the shares, he becomes a shareholder in that firm and becomes eligible to hold an ownership interest.

A shareholder’s shareholding in that firm can be measured as a percentage calculated by looking at the amount of shares held In relation to the sum total of the shares. Equity is an investment made by an investor in a firm that provides him with an ownership stake. Going deeply into the details of the stock market commodities, there are countless commodities that are traded on the exchanges which include gold commodities , silver commodities, coffee beans commodity , oil & ethanol commodity, copper & cobalt commodities, etc.

These are hence not traded physically on an exchange and   traded through commodity futures and forward contracts. The cost of the futures or forward contracts depends on the value of the commodities at the time of trading and a futures or to forward contract will be acting as a contract to purchase or sell a specified number of the commodity at an agreed upon cost. The trader in this instance actually does not look forward to buy out the commodity, rather than   making a profit from the cost fluctuations. Even in the way of a trading platform, there are a bunch of differences between the two of the investment assets.


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