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How Did Smoking Tobacco Begin

How Did Smoking Tobacco Begin


Tobacco is smoked on a huge level across the globe, perhaps to relieve against the daily stress by people. Tobacco smoking is also Injurious to health and people still practice taking it. Tobacco smoking has been prevailing in the society since even we were also not born and even our forefathers were also not born, but how did it came to be introduced to the society? Well, in order to know that, we will need to get a little bit deeper and research further more about the same.

How Did Smoking Tobacco Begin

How Did Smoking Tobacco Begin

1. The Belief of Origination:-

The origination period of tobacco is thought to be unknown as it is probably impossible to tell the name of the person who first smoked tobacco and thus it is believed to have originated even before the manufacturing started being done on commercial scales.

2. The Various Facts about Origination:-

Mayan Indians of Mexico carved drawings in stone were showing the usage of tobacco even in that period. These drawings date back to the time between 600 to 900 A.D. The Native Americans used to smoke tobacco through a pipe for special religious and medical purposes. They did not smoke every day and it was earlier limited to the upper class people only. Later in the middle class which is a class that tries to copy the upper class also tried to do this in search of status and thus this soon emerged in the entire society.

3. The Various Ways of Smoking Tobacco:-

Tobacco could be smoked by the means of a pipe; a cigar; a hookah and many other ways were invented. The cigarettes came into fashion, then and there came a time of commercialization of the tobacco products unaware of the fact that it can prove to be cancerous for mankind.

4. What The Purpose For Cultivation Used To Be:-

Basically the purpose for cultivation of tobacco was the purpose of earning. Tobacco was the first crop grown for money in North America. In 1612 the settlers of the first American colony in Jamestown, Virginia grew tobacco as a cash crop. The main motive always stayed the utilization of this crop on a large scale for making business and making money out of it and later when the people came to know about the type of lands where it could be grown on a large scale, the people who were enslaved were now bought in use for the cultivation of tobacco.

5. Tobacco in Modern World:-

Talking about the existence of tobacco and tobacco based products in the modern world, Several governments have put a ban over the usage and selling of such products while some have declared it carcinogenic and though it is still prevailing in the modern world but the live examples of ill effects out of it are known to the generations.


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