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What are the Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes

Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes


Diabetes is a disease that can prove to be a silent killer for you as the symptoms of this disease are easy to miss and the rising blood sugar levels act as a poison to the individual affected from it. The commonly occurring signs and symptoms of diabetes may be stated as follows:-

Diabetes Information Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes Information Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes

1. Frequent Urination:-

Having too much of glucose in the individual’s blood makes him or her urinate even more rapidly ., the insulin is ineffective on the kidneys and can’t filter up the glucose back in the blood and thus the person goes for more urination breaks and urinates even more faster.

The kidneys take up the water from the blood to dilute up the glucose that fills up the bladder of the individual and there may be a need felt for drinking more water as the person urinates more, the body thus needs more water to be drunk thus the thirst of the person might become disproportionate.

2. Feeling Too Hungry:-

The cells in the body of the individual do not get energy for their specific tasks as the insulin gets ended and the body tries to find up more energy for the specific tasks and the person feels hungrier and eats more to supply energy for the specific regular needs.

3. Weight Might Increase:-

As the person eats and drinks more, the weight of the person is likely to get increased due to vigorous eating and in some of the cases there may be unexpected weight loss associated with the patient as the body is not able to make the desired amount of the insulin and seeks for the other energy sources and most of the tissues and fats get broken down for this purpose by the body to fulfill the energy needs.

4. Other Symptoms:-

There may be several other symptoms like fatigue may be associated with the person or the person might   feel irritated all of the times and the vision of the patient may get blurred and the tissues being pulled form the eye lens are the causing factor behind the weakness caused. There may be cuts and bruises associated with the patient taking much time to heal and in much of the cases wounds do not even heal and besides there may be various skin infections taking place with the patient. The skin of the patient may feel a bit itchy and there may be sexual dysfunction associated with the patient. The patient of diabetes needs to be provided with the injections of insulin in order to regulate the blood sugar levels and to recover some how from much of these symptoms.


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