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How to Detoxify the Liver in a Natural Way

How to Detoxify Liver Naturally


Liver is one of the vital parts of the human body which is located in the upper right quadrant of the human abdomen below the diaphragm. Liver performs many functions for human body and this includes the detoxification of metabolites, synthesizing the proteins, producing the bio-chemicals for digestion and production of specific hormones and even the gall bladder sits inside this organ only. If liver gets damage, all these processes get affected and thus it is our duty as the owner of our body to keep liver detoxified so as to prevent anything unfortunate from happening with it. The ways in which one can detoxify his or her liver can be explained as follows:-

How to Detoxify the Liver in a Natural Way

How to Detoxify the Liver in a Natural Way

1. Drink lemonade:-

Lemonade proves to be the best drink when you wish to detoxify your liver. Just cut off a lemon from its middle portion and squeeze it up to take the juice out from it. Mix a pinch of salt with this lemon juice and drink it up to detoxify your liver. If you are a patient of blood pressure, do not add salt in this juice and just close your nose to gulp it all in one goes.

2. Ginger-Garlic paste as an ingredient while cooking:-

Take a suitable amount of ginger and garlic in a blender and then blend them or grind them to form a mixture. This mixture of ginger and garlic should be bought into use daily while cooking any vegetable or you can even add some salt to use it as a sauce (chutney). Ginger and garlic do not just detoxify your liver, but rather they are rich in anti carcinogenic properties as well.

3. Turmeric powder as a detoxifying agent:-

Turmeric powder which we generally use as a coloring agent while making food can also be bought in use to detoxify the liver.  It enhances the regeneration process for liver cells and increases the production of bile juices. The body thus stays free of toxins and there is enough juice available with it.

4. Avocados, Cabbages, Brussels sprouts And Broccoli:-

Most of the members of cabbage family like Cabbages; Broccoli etc. can be bought in use to detoxify the liver by adding them to your diet. The other such eatables like Brussels sprouts and avocados can also prove to be a better option in such cases.

5. Drink Enough Water Daily:-

Besides all the above mentioned approaches, there is also a provision for a natural approach which is free of cost and rather is available in abundance on this earth. This substitute is water. Just drink enough volume of water daily immediately after waking up and consume at least two liters of water daily. This will help you to detoxify the liver and also to maintain a healthy body.

6. Grapefruit, Beets and Carrots:-

Eatables like beets, grapefruit and carrots can also be added to your kitchen essential’s list as a perfect substitute for detoxification of the liver. Carrots rather also help you to detoxify your blood and to remove toxins from the entire body.


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