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How to Destroy a Wasps Nest Around the Home

How To Wasp Nest Destroy


Wasp can be described as an insect which is neither an ant, nor a bee but instead has got the characteristics of both in it. These often live in small wasp nests which can be there in or around your house. To live in a house with multiple wasp nests in it is a kind of troublesome living conditions and thus if you have nests of wasps in your surroundings or your home, you can follow these simple tips in order to destroy nests of those wasps:-

How to Destroy a Wasps Nest Around the Home

How to Destroy a Wasps Nest Around the Home

1. Have Protection:-

Wasp bites can be really painful sometimes. As you are going to destroy a wasp nest, it means you are planning a revolt against an entire colony of wasps and thus it is my advice that you should first have protection covering yourself completely against wasps. Wear full sleeved shirt with a long lower and boots in order to safeguard yourself against wasps. It is better if you wear a kind of helmet or net mask to protect your face as well.

2. Use Pesticide Spray to Kill Wasps:-

We have talked about protective measures that need to be adopted in order to kill wasps, now let us talk about your weapon against wasps. Pesticide sprays can prove to be the best present solution against wasps. Simply reach any nearest pesticide chemical sales center in order to purchase some good pesticide spray from there. Sprinkle a favorable amount of this spray on wasp nest in order to destroy it.

3. Do Not Use Ladder:-

A few days back, my wife was trying to remove a wasp nest from out main entry door’s slab which was approximately seven feet high and thus she had to use a ladder in order to reach there. All of a sudden some wasps came out of their nest what made her fearful and she fell off from that ladder. It is better that you do not use a ladder in order to destroy a wasp nest and instead you can use a bamboo stick with cloth wrapped at one of its ends sprinkled with petrol exposed to flame. This will fill the wasp nest with smoke and all the wasps will run away in order to save their lives against flame.

4. Call A Professional Exterminator:-

It is ok if you plan to clean/clear or remove a single wasp nest in your surroundings yourself, but if there are multiple wasp nests within a single area, you should never take the risk of trying to destroy them yourself and instead you should call a professional exterminator in such conditions.

5. Insecticidal Dust or Dish Soap:-

In some of the cases, a suitable amount of detergent solution or dish soap can also prove beneficial in destroying wasp nests. In order to Use dish soap to destroy wasp nests, you will just need to mix a favorable amount of dish soap in a glass of water and then you will have to sprinkle that solution on wasp nests in order to destroy them. If the dish soap does not work, you can also choose insecticidal dust in place of it.


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