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How Does Mother Depression Affects Child In Pregnancy

How Does Mother Depression Affects Child In Pregnancy


It is said that a mother is connected directly and indirectly in both the ways with her child during pregnancy as the baby feeds what his mother is fed with and it is connected with her body only. If mother experiences worse emotions, the baby is also likely to get affected. If the mother becomes a victim of depression in such a stage, it can bring baby close to danger as the mother is likely to experience all signs of mental illness during such stage. The effects of mother depression on a baby can be described as follows:-

How Does Mother Depression Affects Child In Pregnancy

How Does Mother Depression Affects Child In Pregnancy

1. Child is also likely to be a patient of depression:-

It has been studied and noticed down in a study that if a mother is a patient of depression when the baby is in her womb, the baby will also gain the same ailment from her as a hereditary factor. The child is also very much likely to be a patient of depression when he grows up.

2. The mother is likely to make stupid attempts:-

When in acute depression, a mother can try killing herself without even thinking about the life of baby. She can make countless suicidal attempts depending on her state of mind which can prove to kill the baby within no time.

3. Even if the child is born normal:-

Even if the child is born normal, the child is likely to display alterations in the amygdala. This is the brain structure responsible for emotions and stress that a person experiences. This kind of imbalance with mind will prove to be dangerous for the child as he/she won’t be able to cope up with the stress and overflow of emotions that this condition will cause.

4. The academic career also gets affected later on:-

The career of such a child is also likely to get affected badly. He will always keep on experiencing disorders with mood which will make him/her stay cut off from the rest of class.  The mental health of such a child is badly affected in some of the cases and rather this has also been noticed that such a child will experience disorders like anxiety, stress, mental problems and other such problems even after growing up.

5. They Suffer problems with Cognitive Development:-

The children of such mothers also have been reported to show patterns of dysregulated attention and arousal. It has been seen that overall cognitive development in such a child also suffers some drawbacks and thus the child is much likely to experience similar conditions as the mother herself.

6. It is always advised to check this before it is too late:-

The mothers suffering from depression should always undergo counseling and diagnosis first before giving birth to a baby. Every sort of care with baby’s health should be taken from the very beginning of his life in order to reduce such chances of suffering depression related disorders taking them forward from mother to baby. If proper care is taken and doctor’s observation and recommended approaches are followed, the baby can be born healthy and fine also.


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