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How to Delete your Gmail Account

How to Delete Gmail Account


Gmail is a world class email service that enables you to get an access to the services like Google plus, Google, YouTube viewing, Google applications like Google maps, etc. and even enables you to make purchases and redemptions of applications as well as web based payments and make video calls as well as text messages and voice calls through VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. Basically, it opens the windows for us to use many features on our home based data enabled devices, but in some of the cases, there is a need to have privacy or if someone troubles you or you need to hide your real identity or quit using Gmail account, there is a great need felt to go for the deletion of your Gmail account and for this purpose you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Delete your Gmail Account

How to Delete your Gmail Account

1. Make A Log In:-

In order to delete your Gmail account, first of all you will need to switch on the data connection in your device and then reach some good browser. Now in the address bar of the browser, you simply need to write the web address of the Gmail website which is www.gmail.com and the website’s home page will get opened.

2. Reach the Top Menu of Account Preferences:-

Now, after your account has been opened after you have entered the username as well as password, you will need to wait till the account loads and then after it has loaded, there will be an account setting gear at the top that you will need to make a click upon so as to enter the account preferences option that enables you to allow or block anything within your account.

3. Make the Necessary Formalities:-

In the account preferences option, you may choose to make any sort of changes with the privacy of your account enabling or disabling any of the features. In order to delete your account, you will need to select the delete your account option. Select the service you would like to delete and follow the onscreen instructions, you will be sorted following all what you are displayed with.

4. Click The OK Button To Confirm The Deletion:-

Now, after you have followed the on screen instructions, there will be a kind of message displayed to you that will read as” do you really need to delete your account? It may not be the same as I have typed it but it will be a similar kind of message confirming which you simply need to click the OK button and then, the account will be forwarded for deletion that may take some time.