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How to Delete or Deactivate Wechat Account


Wechat is an application developed by Tencent that allows you to have your contacts be added to a kind of social circle in which you can send various file attachments selecting contacts from the list selecting images, videos etc. or you can even make video as well as voice calls to them. You can discover new people using this application and you can even use the shake feature to know who else is using Wechat nearby. You can even use this application as a walkie talkie but unfortunately due to the availability of even more advance features with the other apps or due to the privacy based purposes, some users are found trying to seek ways to delete their Wechat account and in case you also wish to do the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Delete or Deactivate Wechat Account

How to Delete or Deactivate Wechat Account

1. Open up We chat application with data kept on:-

In order to delete the Wechat account, first of all you will have to switch on the data as none of the executions within the app can be made without internet and after you switch on the data you will just have to open up the application and wait for the menu to appear.

2. There would be four options at lower part, one of these options would read “Me”:-

At the lower portion of application screen, you would see four options and one of these options would read “Me” this is the dedicated portal where you can edit and make changes about yourself. Simply make a click at this option and then enter the menu making changes with personal settings as what we are stating here.

3. Reach the settings:-

After the option gets opened, your picture would be displayed at top and at last there would be an option for settings. You have to click this option and the settings would get opened where you have to make changes with the personal details and connected other applications.

4. Clear the chat history and then click “My account” option:-

Now after doing what I have mentioned in point no.3, you simply have to clear up your chat history and after clearing it you need to tap over the “My account” option. My account is the option that deals with all sort of connections that have been made with your profile and once you disconnect these connections, you can make the further executions.

5. Revoke, unlink and then disconnect any third party services:-

The connected applications include the ones like Facebook, your mobile number, E-mail etc. They have provided no direct way to delete the Wechat account and thus you would have to get this done with the help of mailing customer support and thus we advise you to disconnect all the third parties except your E-Mail and in order to disconnect simply click the third party and remove it from the account.

6. from your registered account, send an account deletion E-mail:-

From your registered account, send an email to [email protected] with email subject as “Objection to processing. User account and personal information removal request.” And then simply uninstall the application. After you uninstall the application, your account would get auto deleted after some time.


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