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How to Delete an Instagram Account for Good

How to Delete an Instagram Account


Instagram is an online mobile photo sharing and video sharing/messaging social networking service that makes it enabled for its users to click pictures, videos etc and to upload them over this app. The friends can like and comment on these files uploaded by the user and thus the social networks extend like this. Though Instagram is a good application for increasing your social circles, but In some of the cases due to some personal reasons, some user seeks for a way to delete their Instagram account and if you are one of those users, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Delete an Instagram Account

How to Delete an Instagram Account for Good

1. Take A Back-Up of Your Data:-

Once permanently deleted, you won’t be able to access your Instagram account anymore and thus you can take the screenshots of pictures or you can share them on Facebook or some other social account first in order to download them. Now these downloaded videos and pictures will serve as a kind of backup for you if you need them in future.

2. Permanent Deletion Link:-

In order to delete your Instagram account permanently, you will need to click this link first: –
Instagram Account Delete  clicking this link, your browser will automatically get opened with a new tab in it displaying the deletion page.

3. You Can Temporarily Disable Your Account instead:-

The permanent deletion page will also display an option to disable your page temporarily for some time. If you wish to delete your Instagram account for some time in order to make yourself able to use it again in future, you can use this option. The account gets deleted temporarily and you can activate it again anytime by just logging-in. Your account stays unavailable for the other users and friends in your friend list till you make a log-in.

4. Specify the Reason Why You Wish To Delete Your Account:-

If you do not wish to delete your account temporarily and instead if you wish a permanent deletion, you can move ahead from this option and below, there will be a dedicated field to delete your account permanently. All you will need to do in such case is to specify the reason why you wish to delete your account by selecting from the available reasons presented before you in the form of a list or you can write a reason yourself.

5. Enter Your Password to Continue:-

After you specify your reason to choose permanent deletion for your Instagram account, you will have to fill-in your Instagram password in order to delete it permanently. Once the password gets filled, you can click the permanent deletion button which is displayed at the bottom of this deletion page.

6. Click Permanently Delete My Account Button:-

Once you click the “permanently delete my account” button, you will be able to delete your Instagram account permanently. All the data, pictures and videos saved by you will automatically be formatted from the Instagram database and your name won’t be seen in anyone’s follow lists. If you wish to make an Instagram account again at some point of time in future, you will have to make a new account for that purpose and the old account won’t be available anymore.


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