How to Delete an Email Address

How to Delete an Email Address


An email address is a way for you to be equipped enough to send and receive mails or the messages to the other email users and your email address is the way to enter or log in to your account. It even opens a way for you to access the other services like sending SMS, making a login to the other connected social networking websites and also in some other purposes like filling government sector related recruitment forms as well. In some of the cases it has been noticed that some individuals start troubling you with multiple fake accounts and in order to maintain privacy or to get rid of the unwanted, there is a great need to delete that email address and in order to go for the same, you may choose to follow the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Delete an Email Address)

How to Delete an Email Address

How to Delete an Email Address

1. Make A Log-In:-

In order to delete your Email address, first of all you will need to switch on the data connection in your device and then reach some good browser. Now in the address bar of the browser, you simply need to write the web address of the website of the email address that you are using like or  or  and the website’s home page will get opened. (How to Delete an Email Address)

2. Go To the Account Settings Gear:-

Now, after making the desired login by entering both, your username as well as password, the account of the specific mailing engine will get opened and there at the top you will see the account setting gear. It may even be found at the either of the sides of your hand as well in some of the cases. (How to Delete an Email Address)

3. Reach the Account Preferences Section:-

Now when you have finished finding the account setting gear, there will be an account preferences section where you can set the desired preferences for your account. Now in this section, you can make the changes that you desire and these changes include the one to delete your account permanently.

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4. Make a Click on the Delete Account Option:-

If you wish to delete the mailing account permanently, you simply need to make a click on the delete account permanently option and click the OK button. This will redirect you to the account deletion process that may ask you to provide the password as well as may ask you to enter the captcha words or the voice letters to get ahead for deletion job. (How to Delete an Email Address)

5. Click the OK Button and Provide Password if needed:-

Now, after you click the OK button, and enter the password if required, the account will be sent forward for the deletion process that may even take some time that will be specified with the help of a window with a message depicted over the screen.

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6. You May Instead Even Choose To Delete Some Selected Products As Well:-

In case you wish to delete your account just for the privacy purposes, you may instead choose to limit some of the features instead of deleting the whole account or else if somebody is troubling you, you may also choose to block him or her instead of deleting the whole account. (How to Delete an Email Address)


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