How To Delete All Tweets From Your Twitter Profile

How to Delete All Tweets


Twitter is a social networking website that enables you to make tweets that your fans can follow. Tweet is basically a short status that you can update and gets shown over your twitter profile and then the people can follow you or share the tweets made by you according to their wishes but sometimes it has been seen that the user mistakenly makes such tweets that make him fall a prey to some trouble and he or she wishes to delete all the tweets in a single go. If such is the case with you as well, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How To Delete All Tweets From Your Twitter Profile

How To Delete All Tweets From Your Twitter Profile

1. Review And Make Your Mind:-

So when you have made your mind to delete all the tweets that you had posted earlier, you should make sure if you wish to delete all of them at once or you just wish to delete the selected ones sparing some important ones? Well for this purpose you will have to review all the tweets made by yourself and then make your mind if you wish to delete all the tweets at once or you wish to select a few.

2. Consider The Other Options That Can Be Chosen:-

There can be some other options like blocking a specific user or using privacy options with your account if someone specific person is bothering you with his account making unnecessary comments on your tweets as you would find many being jealous or you but that does not means you start fearing and try to stay away.

3. Use Some Website Like

Alright, if you have finally decided that it is last option for you to delete all the tweets, you may choose to go for making usage of some website like as these are specially designed website specially made for the purpose of tweet deletion. Simply reach the website and log in with your account to delete all the tweets in one go.

4. Use Twitwipe:-

The another option available to delete all the tweets in one single go is to Simply sign in to Twitwipe website typing its name in the Google search engine and then a new window would get opened where you may choose to get started and then authorize it with your account. After it you just need to confirm that you wish to delete and the tweets get deleted.

5. There Are Some Limitations As Well:-

Let it be any website or option that you bring in use so as to delete all the tweets that you have made, you would have to go by some limitations as well. The tweets may take time to delete as even the destined websites take time to go for the process of deletion or if you can’t wait for the tweets to get deleted and if you are sitting free with no job to do, there is another option to go for the manual Deletion as well which includes you to start deleting all the tweets one by one.


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