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4 Romantic Ways to Dedicate a Song to your Beloved

romantic ways to dedicate a song to your beloved


Well said it is that love is better expressed than to leave it unexpressed and to express this love, we need a means of expression as direct speaking appears to be a mere formality and it never touches the heart. In order to depict your love for someone or to make some friend feel special, you can dedicate song on his/her name. The friend will really feel special. The concept of dedicating songs for others is prevailing in the society since the very existence of music itself. People used to hire music players, guitar players, violin players etc. while proposing their loved ones and it is one of the best ways to depict your love for a partner/relative/friend in today’s world as well.

romantic ways to dedicate a song to your beloved

How to Dedicate a Song to your Beloved

1. Dedicate a Song via FM Radio:-

There are many FM radio channels who offer this service. Whenever you are listening to an R.J (Radio Jockey), he keeps on asking you again and again to call him to dedicate a song for your near and dear ones. Just call an R.J after selecting a particular song and ask him to play him for the person for whom you would like this song to be played. Meanwhile you can call your friend and ask him to tune-in to the particular radio channel and R.J will play the song.

2. Dedicate Song via A Television Channel:-

Most of the television music based channels like MTV, 9XM etc. have a notification bar running below the songs played on their channel. This notification bar flashes the names of people who dedicated a particular song for someone. Also, there is a number flashing on your screen to send an SMS or to call the V.J (Video Jockey) in order to dedicate a particular song.

3. Social Network Dedicating:-

If none of the above mentioned two approaches is your cup of tea, you can also choose social network dedicating as your means of dedicating a song for someone. Just select a particular song from YouTube or any other website, copy its link or URL and then paste the link over your friend’s Facebook timeline or send it directly to their Whatsapp/Hike (any other application’s) message box. The other person will be able to watch/hear the song once he or she clicks the link. Meanwhile, you can send them a message that this song has been especially dedicated from your side to them or you can direct download a music clip/video and send it to your friend’s inbox if you have an application which supports the video/voice sending options.

4. Dedicate without Any Means of Media:-

Many a times when you are playing a song based game or when you are in a karaoke party or somewhere in a restaurant etc, you can just stand up and tell the people that you would like to make a song dedication for your friend. You can also sing the song yourself or you can hire some guitarist/singer/vocalist etc. if available in the restaurant asking him to dedicate a song on your friend’s name. You can follow this approach with social networking option as well. Just record a song in your voice through any video recorder application and just post it on your friend’s social networking timeline.


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