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How to Decrease the Size of Breast


With some mothers a problem is seen and it is the excessively large size of their breasts or some others even find it as a sign of their pubic age. The size of a baby’s mouth is much small so as to make the nipples get placed inside and for the better sucking of milk the small size of nipples is thought to be good, but when the women are having a large sized nipple, they are likely to look for the ways in which they can reduce the nipple size and if you also are going through the same, the tips that we are mentioning here may work for you.

How to Decrease the Size of Breast

How to Decrease the Size of Breast

1. Recognize the Reason for it:-

During puberty the high level of estrogen hormones in females causes breasts to start growing bigger and thus the changes going on in this mammary area result in the enlargement of female breasts sometimes. The thing that you may try at the initial stage to prevent it from further happening is cardio based exercises as these are proven to show results in most of the cases.

2. Go for the Breast Massage:-

Try massaging your breasts daily with the help of essential oils. This will make your breasts soft and tender which will make them get easily decreased with their size. This approach, if followed in a regular way may bring forward the desired results for sure.

3. Have Some Green Tea Daily:-

In an experiment conducted on females, It was proven that green tea if consumed daily can help them with the size of their breasts too much extent in a way that the green tea minimizes the amount of production of estrogen hormone in her body and thus the problem gets sorted.

4. Go For The Flex Seeds And Ginger:-

Flex seeds are naturally proven to reduce the levels of estrogen hormone in the human body and thus these are advised to be consumed, whereas ginger is a natural remedy for the purpose of reducing breast size being practiced and used since the ancient times and thus both of these taken together may help you a lot in order to decrease the size of your breasts.

5. Meet Your Health Specialist Frequently Much Often:-

The basic solution for your problem at the early stage is to minimize the amount of estrogen in your body and preventing the other hormones from converting to estrogen as well. In case it has got too late and you have got enlarged nipples, you may choose to go for having an appointment fixed with a health specialist meeting him frequently and asking him to recommend you some ointment for the same.

6. Go for the Aerobics:-

Aerobic refers to the exercises that are done in the open air. You are advised to go for practicing these exercises daily in your schedule so as to make yourself have a decreased size of breasts. Simply learn several aerobic exercises and practice them daily and I guarantee that soon the production of estrogen will be lowered and you will meet a reduced breast size.