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How to Decrease the Size of an Image

How to Decrease the Size of an Image


It has been seen that some people experience the problems related to the size of an image. Sometimes I personally encounter this problem while filling various government level recruitment exam forms as they allow only the image file of a specific size to be uploaded with their forms and in order to bring about a desired change in the size of an image, they reach the photographers and editors which consume a lot of time as well as money, which is why I found out a better solution of this problem for you and me that can really help us a lot in decreasing or increasing the size of an image.

How to Decrease the Size of an Image

How to Decrease the Size of an Image

1. Open up the Image with the Help of Microsoft Office Picture Manager:-

There is a Microsoft picture manager that comes along with every Microsoft office package and you can choose to install it first of all. Now when you have got this software, simply install it and then make a right click on the desired picture that you wish to edit. Click open with Microsoft picture manager.

2. Click the Edit Pictures Option:-

There one this page there will be an option to edit pictures. Now, after clicking this option, a kind of menu will be opened at the right hand side which will have the picture editing tools including the crop, resize etc. in it.

3. At The Lowest Portion You Will Find an Option Reading ‘Resize”:-

At the lowest portion of this menu, there will be an option to resize the pictures using which you will be able to resize the picture easily. Simply make a click on this option and you will be specified with some text fields to be filled with the desired details of the image that you need.

4. Set The Width, Height & Percentage Copying Details From Some Picture Of The Same Size:-

Simply check the properties of some other image that you want this image to look like and fill the details like width, height and percentage copying all these details from the similar picture that you had chosen. All these copied details are enough to make you get your picture have the same image size as the one you had chosen.

5. In Cases You Don’t Have Any Picture of Same Size:-

In case you don’t have the picture of similar properties, you may choose to try decreasing or increasing all these image properties, making an estimate yourself to the approximate values and then checks the image properties. This way you will be able to make the image get compressed to the desired size.

6. Save the Picture as New File and Check Its Properties:-

Now, after checking the image properties, you will come to know easily if the picture size has decreased to the desired value or not. Simply save the picture as a new file afterwards and use this file wherever you wish to use. The save as option enables you to have the both filed available, including the new one with new properties as well as the old file with old properties.


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