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How to Decrease Tension From Mind


Tension is a kind of mental situation which is because of something that an individual is not able to wipe off his mind. Often this may be because of some ever complaining relations, a nagging wife or because of some rude working environment or none cooperating staff or the excess of workload as well. It has also been seen in some cases that the money crisis or some family problem may also leave you tensed and as this problem is increasing day by day with the busy schedule of people, there comes a need to look for the options that can help you get cured against it in a better way. If you also are suffering from the same, try the remedies that we are mentioning here to relieve yourself against this problem.

How to Decrease Tension From Mind

How to Decrease Tension From Mind

1. Calm Down and Take Deep Breathe:-

If you are tensed, simply relax, forget what is making you tensed, have a glass of water and then calm down yourself. Try taking a few deep breaths and then lie down for a while. Close your eyes and try to sleep. This will make you get relieved against the tension for sure.

2. Take off Your Tie, Unbutton Your Shirt and Relax:-

Often when the office schedule is hectic, you feel un-relaxed what makes you fall a prey to tension about the other day’s files and workload. In such cases, you should try taking off your tie, unbutton the top button of your shirt and close your eyes while relaxing for a few minutes on your chair. This will boost back your power and you will be able to get relieved against the tension you are suffering from.

3. Have a Cup of Tea or Coffee in Your Relaxing Span:-

Ask the department to arrange a cup of tea for the staff when the work is extra tension giving and thus choose to go for the tea breaks in mid. If the office has not the provisions for such things, you may choose to get a coffee or tea called for yourself on your individual expenses.

4. Have A Lemonade Drink:-

Try having a lemonade or lemon juice glass in case tea is not available or simply have a glass of glucose to relieve you against the tension. This will open up the windows of your mind and make you feel energized and thus you are advised to go for it in case you suffer tension.

5. Try Meditation:-

Meditation is the approach that is proven to be a boon against tension as well as stress. Simply close your eyes for a while and try meditating. This can be done in the office as well as house to make you relieved against the problem of tension.

6. Try Spending Some Time Out with Family:-

In case the tension that you have is because of kids, or wife, or some other member of family, you may choose to go for spending some time out with the family on weekends. This will solve all the problems that you have got between all of you and you will get united once again making you relieved against the tension that revolves your mind all the day.


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