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How to Deceive a Metal Detector

How to Deceive a Metal Detector


A metal detector is a device with a transmitter and receiver fitted in it in order to generate and detect an electromagnetic field. The first electric magnetic field is created by the transmitter when we switch on the power, the other magnetic field is detected by the receiver when the first magnetic field comes across any metal and the metal possesses magnetic properties because of it. People say that we can’t ever befool a metal detector, but science has solution for every problem and you can easily deceive a metal detector following these simple tips:-

How to Deceive a Metal Detector

How to Deceive a Metal Detector

1. Producing an Opposing Magnetic Field:-

According to a researcher and thinker associated with the field of, if you bring an active device with an opposing magnetic field closer to the transmitter of metal detector, the metal detector will easily be befooled like this. If you are planning to break security of any public transport way like airways or railways, you should never use this approach there as the transmitters used at such places are advanced ones and a slight mistake will make you easily get caught.

2. Use a Passive Device:-

According to a student of physics, we can also try using a passive device in order to negate the metal detector. The student also remarked that we can study Lenz’s law in order to think on this approach. He also made the remark that we can make objects as tiny as we can in order to befool the metal detector.

3. Making a Gadget that does not get magnetified:-

According to a science student from India, the functioning of a metal detector is much based on the principles of electromagnetism. It is but obvious that if a metal object is brought into close contact with a coil behaving like an electromagnet with a varying magnetic field, It will induce some magnetic properties in the metal which comes in contact with it and thus another field will get generated coming out of the metal object. If we make a gadget that either opposes the magnetic field coming from the transmitter of a metal detector or if we insulate the metal perfectly, it won’t get detected by the metal detector.

4. Covering the Metal with a Sheet of Asbestos:-

You can cover up the entire metal surface with a thick sheet of asbestos in order to befool a metal detector. Though it will include some factors, but still it is supposed to work as asbestos sheet has the properties to absorb the radiation that detector emits in order to detect a metal. You should beware while using this approach as working in environment with asbestos content in it can make you prone to a cancer called mesothelioma.

5. Paint of Asbestos:-

Because of the radiation absorbing power of asbestos, you can also coat the metal object with a thick layer of asbestos paint in order to try befooling the metal detector. There can be many other such approaches which are based on individual thinking and power of reasoning, but first you should try to experiment this in lab and then only you should confirm the results.


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