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How to Deal With Your Possessive Partner

How to Deal With an Over Possessive Boyfriend


“Possessive” word is bought in use for someone who just thinks about himself and not about anyone else. Though he may help you if you are in need, but he/she will help you only if there is any benefit that he/she gains from it. It is good to be possessive for yourself, but it creates a negative kind of effect when you are being over-possessive in a relationship. Same is the case when you have a possessive boyfriend. A girl always has some expectations from her boyfriend and when he turns out to be a possessive fellow, most of her expectations from him meet a dead end. Here are some ways in which you can deal with such a possessive boyfriend:-

How to Deal With Your Possessive Partner

How to Deal With Your Possessive Partner

1. Handle Him with Soft-Spoken Words:-

Boyfriends are easy to handle if you deal them with soft spoken words. Most of the possessive boyfriends start blaming you when you use harsh words against them. When you talk with a possessive boyfriend, just hand on your shoulders against his neck in a cuddling way and then only start talking with him.

2. Tell Him how you feel:-

If your boyfriend is being somewhat extra possessive these days, just remind him how he makes you feel because of his actions and ask him to mind his ways or else you would have to make a break up with him. If he really feels the need of this relationship, he is sure to try mending his ways as well.

3. Try to Change His Habit with Love:-

Love is one of the best tranquilizers available on this planet till date and thus you can also use love as your sword to fight this battle. Never use harsh words with your boyfriend and instead treat him with love. Kiss his cheeks to make him obey your orders sometimes and sometimes hug him to make him go crazy about your words. A woman has got many other such weapons that can make him turn your way.

4. Add Romance and Glamour to Your Life:-

Add a touch of romance and glamour to your life. Touch his private parts to drive his nuts crazy about you and make keep him attracted towards you. Tease him sometimes so that he may feel the need of you and make him dance like puppet on your fingers like this.

5. Make Him Dependent on yourself:-

Your approach can include all the ways and tricks that can make him dependent on you. Once your boyfriend becomes dependent on you, he will surely start obeying your words and once he becomes dependent on you, just give him an ultimatum that he can stay no more with you if he does not mend his ways.

6. Make Him Possessive about yourself:-

The best way to deal with possessiveness of your boyfriend is to turn the direction of this possessiveness towards you. Let him be possessive about yourself and nothing else. This will make you feel like a princess and besides this, your relationship with him will also get turned into a lifelong relationship like this.


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