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6 Ways to Deal with Recurring Fever

Ways to Deal With Recurring Fever


Recurring fever or relapsing fever is a human problem of temperature rise in which, it appears that the person got cured against a particular kind of fever but then the fever occurs again and it keeps on occurring again and again. There can be many reasons behind this kind of fever and in order to deal with such a fever, we will first need to find the cause behind it. If the same case has happened with you and you have tried all home based remedies to cure fever, but it is not going with your multiple efforts, you can choose to take the help of following tips in order to deal with it.

Ways to Deal With Recurring Fever

6 Ways to Deal with Recurring Fever

1. Check If It Is a Bacterial Fever or Viral Fever:-

The first approach in dealing with recurring fever includes you to check what kind of fever it is. If it is a viral fever, we can’t do anything but to try treatment based on symptoms and to make the body replenish what it lots. In case of bacterial fever, we can look for antibiotics and other such medicines which can prevent bacteria from further growth.

2. Go for a Blood Test:-

Most of fever these days is mosquito generated say Malaria, typhoid, Dengue, Chikungunia etc. In order to confirm which kind of fever you are suffering from, you should immediately go for a blood test once you feel weakness and other such symptoms like feeling extreme coldness, headache, vomiting etc. A blood test can help you determine which kind of fever is it and then the treatment options can also be followed like wisely.

3. Had You Experienced Tick Bites:-

In some of the cases, getting bitten by lice can cause you an infection resulting in relapsing fever. In other cases infection caused by bacteria can also result in the same. Relapsing fever is a vector borne disease, which is caused by the infection caused by bite of soft bodied ticks or other small insects.

4. Two Mixed Fevers In Some of The Cases:-

Suppose you were suffering from dengue fever and your medicine course was not completed. You went home thinking that you have got relieved now, but soon another fever happened to you say malaria or typhoid. Your condition in such a case will be completely pathetical and to leave hospital in such a condition can prove to be dangerous for your life.

5. Not taking proper and Complete Dosage of Medicine:-

Some people never complete the course of medicine. They leave taking medicines as soon as some improvement is reported in their body from illness that they are suffering from. This can prove to be dangerous and can make your fever a recurrent fever, which gets treated once when you take medicine, but comes back after sometime when you leave taking medicines. It is thus always advised to complete the course of medicine that you are recommended by.

6. Lack of Hygienic Conditions in Your Area:-

Lack of hygienic conditions in your area can also prove to invite various health disorders. For example, if garbage is thrown anywhere in the open without throwing it in the dustbin, a number of flies and cockroaches are likely to get increased in such an area acting as a carrier or harbinger of diseases taking forward diseases and germs to your house.


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