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How to Deal with Menopause (6 Steps)

What is Menopause and How to Deal With it


Menopause” is made with combination of two words, “Men” and “Pause”. The meaning of this word is also somewhat same as men’s sexual needs meet a pause during this time. Though menopause occurs with a woman in her late forties or fifties, but once she experiences this condition, she can no longer become a mother as the amount of estrogen in her body meets a fall after this time. This condition is also called climacteric as during this time, her menstrual periods meet a permanent end. In order to deal with menopause and its signs and symptoms, you can choose to go for the following ways:-

How to Deal with Menopause

How to Deal with Menopause

1. Take Photo Estrogen:-

Photo estrogen is a plant based estrogen, which can’t be taken exactly as female body content of estrogen but can rather be taken as its plant copy. “Soy” is rich in this content of photo estrogen and you can thus start consuming it to overcome menopause symptoms. Besides this, you can add every other such food item rich in the content of photo estrogen to overcome the estrogen needs of your body.

2. Avoid Taking Caffeine and Smoking:-

It has been noticed time and again that the ones who take caffeine and smoke often fall a prey to menopause at an early stage. You should thus avoid every such bad or ill habit like drinking alcohol, smoking and even taking caffeine in any form to deal with menopause.

3. Sleep in a Cool Room:-

Try sleeping in a cool and air conditioned room. Make sexual intercourse with your partner in such a room only. Excess of heat can also sometimes be bad for health. If you exercise vigorously, this can also be a drawback for you in such a situation and thus you should also reduce your workout level.

4. Go for the Menopausal Hormone Therapy:-

Menopausal Hormone Therapy is a therapy in which artificial hormone or plant based hormone copy of estrogen is injected in women or in some other cases, donated hormone can also be bought into use. The entire approach follows women to gain back the estrogen content that she had lost because of menopause and once she gains back a healthy estrogen level, she gets back to normal once again.

5. Symptom Based Treatment:-

There is another kind of treatment option available for menopause which is to treat it based on the symptoms that you experience. Always remember to urinate after making sex and keep away from genital infections. Besides this, start consuming the tonic of Shilajit by purchasing it from a medical store.

6. Have a Massage:-

Have a massage of your genital areas with hot oil in order to check if pain has resulted because of menopause or anything else. Have an appointment fixed with a sexual health specialist and ask him to recommend you the name of some hormone gain medicines. Consume them regularly or go for one of the available therapies to tackle menopause. Besides this, some herbal or aayurvedic options can also be bought into use after consulting them with an herbalist.


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