How to Handle/Deal a Minor Car Accident

How To Deal With A Minor Car Accident


If a minor car accident occurs in the road place, and the driver drives off out of the fear, it is needed to note the driver license plate number for reporting to the local police station. In the next phase, the hazard light needs to be on to check the inside injury of the car. Once it is done, there is a need to immediately call up police forces. Do not think that it is a minor accident and police will not entertain the situation. If there is a need of even small repairing, the concern of the police force will be needed to claim the cost from the insurance company. The police report will help to get a right value claim from the insurance company.

How to Handle/Deal a Minor Car Accident

How to Handle/Deal a Minor Car Accident

Once an accident is met, do not go with the running traffic and try to park the car side to the main road. The emergency light needs to be on so that the local police can see it and come for helping the driver. Also remember that if the accident is met at the night. Although the minor accident generally does not meet the risk of catching fire, being a citizen it is the responsibility to be very careful while driving in the night.

What is the next then?

Once the car is placed in a safe place, the driver should check his situation and if any passenger inside the vehicle has met injuries or not. Carefully check the type of injury, whether it is minor injury or any simple scratches, or any major disorientation. However, to get proper claim, the driver needs to make sure that nobody is hurt from that accident. The next step is to find for the witness. If anyone arrives at the accident location, if possible, try to note the name, phone number and residential details, so that any future help can be received from their end.

One more thing is that exchanging the accident incident with another driver can give the added benefit of getting a faster injury claim from the insurer. After discussing all with the drivers, immediately call up police officer and tell what exactly happened at that time. Try to become more specific and do not state more than what has happened.

After informing the police force, try to file a notification with the insurance company. However, if the accident is a minor and does not require major investment, it is better not to claim form the insurance company. The no claiming reward point could help in getting an additional benefit while meeting a major car accident. It is very important to think properly and report to the insurance company for getting proportional claim for the minor accident met by the car.


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