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Dating Advice – Have the Relationship you Want

Dating Advice – Have the Relationship you Want


Sometimes in life, we have got our own limits and priorities and we expect a partner according to that only. I always wished that my partner should be a girl who may be dark or fair in tone, but at least she would have a pure heart. Some even don’t mind the financial status of their partner and some even have got some other choices as well. For those who wish to have the relationship of their choice, we have come this time with some tips so as to help them with that.

Dating Advice - Have the Relationship you Want (5 Steps)

Dating Advice – Have the Relationship you Want

1. Consider Your Choices:-

In order to have the relationship that you want, you will first of all need to consider your choices. Make a judgment what type of relationship you are interested in? Should it be a mere physical relationship, a live-in relationship or should it have emotional attachment as well/ to have a choice totally depends on you and somewhat on your partner.

2. Look Around and get indulged:-

After you have made a choice, just find the suitable person for it. Like suppose you need a muscular hunk to hook up with you or to have a live-in relationship with, you may simply approach him so as to ask him if he will like to be with you or not.

Start sharing the same room, divide the room rent and be comfortable with each other or if you need a partner that takes care of you both physically as well as emotionally, this might take some time as you will need to beware of the fake people and choose the most suitable and compatible partner in this case. Same is the case with boys. If they make the judgment and consider their choice, it gets easier for them to do the rest of things as well.

3. Know Each Other Very Well:-

After you have found a partner for yourself to get hooked up, you will now need to know each other very well. Simply go on dates, get together with each other, club parties and join each other on various occasions. This can really make you know each other very well and the more you get to know each other, the better relationship you will get this way.

4. Try to Know each others Weak Points:-

In order to have a relationship of your choice, you are advised to know each other very well. This includes the strong and weak points of your partner as you can really take an advantage of these things to come closer. Simply start making him or her dependent on you and she or he won’t be able to stay away from you this way.

5. Bond Testing Before Coming In Relationship:-

Even after you have come in a relationship does not means that you start trusting each other blindly in a way that this might even have some adverse effects on your relationship as well. Simply stay loyal with your partner and keep on testing his or her loyalty time to time without not even letting your partner get a clue about it.


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