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How Cyber Sickness Affect Health And What Is It

How Cyber Sickness Affect Health And What Is It


Cyber sickness refers to the sickness which did not exist in this world before the arrival of computers and laptops.  It is also referred to be the name “Virtual Reality Sickness”. This kind of sickness results with an individual because of exposure to the virtual environment and it can result in symptoms like headache, backache, migraine, loss of vision, discomfort, disorientation and apathy. There is a difference between cyber sickness and other kinds of sickness as none of them has ever resulted because of a gadget or device.  This kind of sickness can have undesirable consequences other than the normal sickness and the way in which it affects your health can be explained as follows:-

How Cyber Sickness Affect Health And What Is It

How Cyber Sickness Affect Health And What Is It

1. Prolonged Effects on Vision:-

Cyber sickness damages your eyes the most. Most of us use mobiles, laptops and computers and we keep such devices very much near to our eyes. When we will keep these devices so much near to our eyes, this will make us experience a loss of vision or eye sight. Besides this, most of the cyber technology users experience a strange kind of pain felt in their eyes after using a particular device for a long time.

2. Back Pain and Head Pain:-

Pain in back and head are two worst forms of pain that an individual experiences because of cyber sickness. When you keep sitting at a single place for a longer period of time, it makes you fall a prey to pain in the lower back. This pain is very much acute sometimes and it often leads to a back surgery, which costs you much more than the money that you have earned with such cyber jobs.

3. Often Result In Migraine and Discomfort:-

People using gadgets like laptops, computers and mobile phones also complaint about various other diseases or health problems like migraine, headache and discomfort as well. Cyber sickness causes headaches and nausea to most of people using such gadgets. Besides this, the scrolling of screen multiple times that we do in order to play games or to watch movies also results in cyber sickness.

4. Results in Loss of Mental Abilities:-

In most of the cases, cyber sickness can also make you experience a loss of mental abilities as well. By becoming a cyber addict, you actually reduce the amount of physical efforts and your world is limited to your computer table. You are hardly interested in any book and this world of computer/mobile/laptop based games fantasizes you so much that you are ready to sacrifice even your food to keep using it for hours. Most of the teenagers these days have become an internet addict, which adds to the drawbacks of same hazard called cyber sickness making us addicted to it like any other form of drug.

5. Makes You Different from Others in A Negative Way:-

Most of the children who use laptops and computers from a very small or initial age become very much isolated and deprived of the other children of their age. Their world gets limited and they are hardly interested in outdoor sports activities, but all they need is just a computer, laptop or a mobile to play games.


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