How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home in 6 Easy Steps

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home in 6 Easy Steps


More than required length of hair but lack of time is a problem with most of the people like me these days. I am a corporate employee who hardly finds any time to go to the salon and get hairs trimmed and in the beginning when my schedule got hectic, it took me a time of couple of months to find time to go to the barber’s shop but then I got sorted when another friend told me what exactly can be done in order to cut or trim off your hair yourself and I am continuously following the same approach since then. You can also choose to go for the same approach following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home in 6 Easy Steps

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

1. Gather Your Supplies:-

In order to cut or trim your own hair, you should first of all gather all your supplies like a water spray gun, a few combs, a trimmer, a back mirror and a front mirror, a scissor etc. Now while beginning the hair cut session, you have to keep just one mirror in front of you and the other one should be kept at back. This will give you a complete 360 degree view of your body and thus you will be able to trim your hair in a better way.

2. Begin the Approach:-

Now you have to begin the hair cut approach. You just have to comb your hair and use the trimmer machine or scissor and comb in order to shorten the length of your hair. Simply keep combing while trimming them but keep in mind that the length of trimmed hair should be equal on all parts of the hair except the lower areas where there or near the ear where the hair length would be kept shorter.

3. Use Scissor or a Trimmer Does Not Matters:-

It does not matters which approach amongst the both you are using. You just have to trim your hair and you can give any of the hairstyles in trend to yourself. I prefer the usage of electronic trimmer over the usage of scissor and comb approach as it does not takes much time.

4. A Water Gun Spray To Make Hair Wet:-

The hair which are extra dry take much time to be trimmed and thus you should keep a water spray gun with you to make them wet. Wet hair gets trimmed easily as water does not leave them sticky at all. You can even choose to go for the complete bald look with blade based trimmers if you wish to do so.

5. Comb while you trim:-

Simply keep combing while you trim and you will get sorted. You can follow the Traditional Hair Styles or you can go by the celebrity trend of hair styles. The best one is army cut as it looks really good on all people with shorter hair length that takes time to grow again and suits best for people like me who don’t have enough time with them to go for a hair cut twice a month.


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