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6 Steps to Cut your Dog’s Hair at Home with Scissors

How to Cut Dogs Hair


Though local dogs have got a body with a fur having hair of normal size that most of the people prefer not to cut, but in case of some foreign breeds that have curly and wavy hair, it might get important for the owner to trim off the hair of their pet. Sometimes if you are making the dog ready for some contest on dog beauty, you may even choose to trim off its whiskers as well and thus there need some care tips to be followed while trimming the hair off from a dog.

6 Steps to Cut your Dog's Hair at Home with Scissors

How to Cut your Dog’s Hair at Home with Scissors

1. Gather Up The Equipment:-

In order to trim off a dog’s hair, you will need some physical equipment that may include a scissor, Hair brush, comb, trimmer & hair clippers, etc. these are the equipment that will revive you against the efforts that you must have encountered if you choose to work with a scissor which was much likely to terrify the dog as well.

2. Brush Up The Hair:-

After you have gathered all the needed essential equipment for yourself, you are advised to brush up the dog’s hair in a nice way. Simply take a hairbrush and groom the dog with it. This makes the hair get separate from each other and you rather come to know if there is some injury related to some area on the body of your dog as well.

3. Start With A Clipper And End With A Trimmer:-

First of all, you are advised to make use of a clipper so as to clip off the hairs and then trim off the hair with a trimmer in the end. You are advised to begin with the area that has got the most of hair on dog’s body. Preferably you may choose to give dog some sleeping tablet or wait till it sleeps if you fear that the dog might bite.

4. Leave off The Whiskers If You Can:-

Just like we humans have got sensory organs to sense the danger around, dogs have got whiskers so as to tell them about the approaching danger as well as insects. Sometimes it has been seen that people try to trim off these whiskers thinking them to be the normal hair while taking them to dog shows so as to make their dog look presentable, but when these whiskers get removed, the dog is not able to sense the danger properly and thus I will advise you to leave off the whiskers untrimmed if you can.

5. Ear Hair Trimming:-

It has been seen that some dogs have got hair at the portion of ears. You may choose to trim these hair in a gentle way, avoiding them be cut completely and make the dog loose it fur, instead you may choose to trim them off to some extent.

6. Cut Off The Extra Wavy Hair:-

You need not make the dog’s body bald and make it look like some local street dog and instead you just need to trim off the extra long or extra wavy hair only. Rest all is fine as hair give the dog its name and make you recognize its breed. Just like you look weird when somebody trims off your hair and makes you bald, even the dogs feel weird if you make them bald.


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