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How to Cut Down Sim Card to Micro Sim

How to Cut Mini SIM


With the world getting much technology friendly these days, New and ultra-lightning speedy phones are arriving in the markets. Many of these phones support 4G or 3G facility for internet. Even those phones which operate on 2G and 3g network follow a system in them. Though these are dual SIM phones, but many of these support one SIM on 2G or GSM mode and the other on both WCDMA as well as GSM. Most of such phones are equipped with one SIM card slot as a normal SIM card slot, but the other one with WCDMA and GSM support is equipped with a mini SIM card slot.

How to Cut Down Sim Card to Micro Sim

How to Cut Down Sim Card to Micro Sim

Even in the phones like iPhone, the SIM card slot is a smaller one. In such cases you can easily trim the SIM according to need making it a MINI SIM rather than a normal sized one.

1. Look at Your SIM Card:-

A few days back, I purchased an Intex Aqua phone which operated on one SIM card of mini size and other SIM of normal large size. I had two SIM cards, one of BSNL and other of Vodafone. The BSNL SIM card was an old one and the metal plate portion of the back side was in such a way that if I trimmed that SIM card, It was of no use. If the same is the case with you, you can get the SIM card replaced with a new one from the network provider’s exchange or customer care unit first.

2. Place A Mini SIM Card Of Desired Size Over It:-

If your SIM card passes the specification of being converted to a Mini SIM, all you have to do it to place a mini SIM card on it from the back portion in such a way that the Metal plate at the back side of your normal SIM gets covered by the SIM card which is already a mini one. Mark the boundary with a pencil.

3. Cut/Trim the SIM Card to Perfect Length:-

When the marking has been finished, you will be required to cut/trim the SIM card either with a blade or thermocol cutter. You can also use your scissor if it is sharp enough to cut the SIM card along with its boundary. The SIM card gets trimmed to perfect size this way.

4. Bring Home A SIM Card Punching Machine:-

Trimming a SIM card with blade/thermocol cutter or scissor can prove hazardous sometimes and if you wish to safeguard yourself against this, you can bring home a SIM card punching machine which makes you able to convert any SIM card to the desired size by punching the SIM card while placing it in the desired size slot of your punching machine.

Press the punching machine with full force while keeping the metal plate portion visible from the punching machine’s hole. Your SIM card will get trimmed to a perfect size.

5. Position it with the Phone:-

Adopting any of these ways depending on the availability of available approach and tools, you can trim your SIM card to a specific size which fits in the SIM card slot of your phone. Now all what is left is just to position the SIM card in the desired SIM card slot and you can use your phone with it to make calls and surf internet.


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