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How to Cut Dogs Nails Without Hurting (6 Steps)

How to Cut Dogs Nails


Though dogs are man’s best friends and have senses that may make anybody get amazed with it, but still when you try to trim off a dog’s nails, It might get frightened and this way it might create a problem for you. People say that barking dogs seldom bites, but this may prove to have negative effect for you in case you try cutting your dog’s nails, it gets angry and tries to warn you by barking, but you still continue and it makes a bite out of the fright that you have caused to him and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us do that in a better way.

How to Cut Dogs Nails Without Hurting (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Cut Dogs Nails Without Hurting

1. Decide A Suitable Place:-

In order to trim off your dog’s nails you are advised to decide a suitable place first of all. The place should be free from all sort of distractions and there should be nothing that might distract of frighten your dog. You may even choose to cut off the nails while feeding him if it is the case of a puppy.

2. Ask A Friend’s Help:-

If the dog is massive like that if Pit Bull, you might feel it quite frightening for yourself to cut off the nails alone by yourself and almost all of us get drenched with sweat so as to think about cutting off the nails of a massive dog as it is just like getting the piece of beef from a lion’s paw and puts you in equal danger like that situation.

3. Do It When The Dog Is Sleepy:-

If your dog does not likes anybody to bother him, you might need to wait till it sleeps or you may even choose to add some sleeping based pills to its food so that it may sleep and you may be able to trim off its nails much easily. Now, after the dog sleeps, you just need some tools and wait for the perfect moment when it is in deep sleep and that’s all.

4. Take Out The Equipment:-

In order to cut or trim off your dog’s nails, you might feel a need of nail clippers, shapers and some ointment tube to treat the unfortunate. Simply start by taking off a paw of your dog in your hand and gently trim off the nail, avoiding it to get much deep as it may cause bleeding. Have patience and don’t panic as it may wake up the dog.

5. Precautionary Measures:-

Repeat the process with all the four paws of your dog and avoid waking it up. Even if it wakes up, tell your assistant friend to keep some favorite diner of your dog ready to pass the dog if it wakes up as a precautionary measure against it. If there is some case of bleeding, you might choose to apply the ointment tube as well.


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