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5 Steps to Cut Cat’s Nails without Splitting

How to Cut Cat’s Nails


A cat is a four legged furry animal that can be equal vigorous while attacking like its jungle counterparts, including the wild cats and lions, tigers, panthers, etc. Though this creature is soft and fury, but when the claws get longer than needed, it may get dangerous for you as well as the kids in the house. You need to keep on cutting these claws of your cats so as to stay danger free as these claws can rip up anybody within minutes and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that help us do it in a better way. In order to cut your cat’s nail you may follow the simple approaches that I am mentioning here.

5 Steps to Cut Cat's Nails without Splitting - HowFlux

How to Cut Cat’s Nails without Splitting

1. Gather Up The Equipment:-

First of all, you are advised never to try trimming your cat’s nails while in a closed room as when cats get agitated, they directly attack your neck and thus you are advised to do it somewhere else taking help of some friend to assist you. In order to go for trimming your cat’s nails, you will also need some equipment like nail cutter, shaper and buffer. You might even feel a need to keep some ointment tube with you in case some unfortunate happening takes place.

3. Precautions That Need To Be Followed:-

While trying to cut off your cat’s nails, you need to follow some precautionary measures as well. If birds easily come on your rooftop, you are advised not to practice this process in the open. There should be no other dog or cat at the place to distract the cat while doing so and there should be enough food as a treat to the cat to keep it distracted from the other things.

4. Choose A Safe Place:-

You are advised to choose a safe place for doing it. You can choose to do it in the verandah or any other place like this where there is no distraction. One of you both should keep on feeding the cat while the other individual is to trim her nails. Ask your partner to start feeding the cat and embrace it by caressing its fur.

4. Beginning The Process:-

Besides following up the step 3, you will need to take one of her paws, while she feds on her food and massage it in a gentle way so that the cat does not gets a clue that you will cut her nails. If she takes a step ahead, your hands should also get ahead and simply make use of the nail cutter so as to trim off the claws. Never make use of a blade to do so as even a slight mistake may put you and cat both in danger.

5. Tips while trimming:-

While trimming off the cat’s nails, you are advised to be much careful. If the cat looks frightened to you, you may start caressing her by taking her in the lap to calm her down and do the trimming process gently. You are advised to keep some ointment with you in case something unfortunate happens either because of you or the cat.


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