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Why We Are Crying While Cutting Onion

Why We Cry While Onion Chopping


Onion is a bulbous product of the onion plant which is grown as a root. It is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium and it is one of the best anti-carcinogenic vegetables available on the earth. Onion is cultivated and bought in use around the world because of a number of health benefits that it provides and it is eaten raw in the form of salad as well in the cooked form.  There is a particular factor related with this vegetable which makes it slightly different from the other veggies. When anyone tries to chop off the onion with a knife taking it in his hands, tears are supposed to start coming out of his eyes and the situation will be much similar to like that of crying with burning sensation reported by the person. Let us discuss why this happens:-

Why We Are Crying While Cutting Onion

Why We Are Crying While Cutting Onion

1. Know About the Constituents of an Onion:-

An onion constitutes of amino acid sulfoxides that form sulfenic acids in the cells of an onion. The enzymes and these sulfenic acids are kept separately in cells. Now when we use knife to chop the onion, those separate enzymes and sulfenic acid start getting mixed with each other and propanethiol S-oxide gets produced. This one is a volatile sulphur compound.

2. Know What Happens when we chop Off an Onion:-

When we chop off the onion, this volatile compound of sulphur starts moving towards your eyes and then gets mixed with the water of your eyes to form sulphuric acid which results in a burning like sensation which is felt when you peel, chop, slice and dice an onion. The tear glands thus start secreting tears and it feels like we are crying.

3. The Burning Sensation is reported:-

The burning sensation is reported with eyes because of acidification of the water that our eyes are carrying and the release or secretion of tears is also normal as it is the nature of our body to give reaction to any kind of factor that it comes across. The tears that arrive in our eyes because of onion chopping can thus be taken as an example of the reaction paid by our eyes in response to the buildup of sulphuric acid.

4. Ways of Preventing This from Happening:-

In order to prevent this buildup of burning sensation and tears in your eyes, you should first of all switch off the fan inside the room where you are peeling and chopping off the onions so that the volatile compound of sulphur may not spread and reach your eyes. Besides this, we can refrigerate the onion before cutting so as to ensure that the enzymes get freeze and they do not mix up with sulfenic acids when we chop them off.

5. End up the Reason:-

I can prove the reason that I have given to you in this article. You can research about the same yourself if you do not believe what I am saying. Try chopping off an onion one day without any protection and you are sure to experience a build-up of tears in your eyes but if for second day, you wear an eye protection or goggles while chopping off an onion, there will be no burning sensation reported with your eyes and instead there will be no build-up of tears in your eyes as well.


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