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How to Create MSI Advanced Installer

How to MSI Installer


MSI is basically an installer package file format by Windows. MSI files are generally bought in use for installation, storage and removal of programs. The full form of MSI goes as M-Micro S-Soft I-Installer.  MSI is a software component used for maintenance, installation and removal of software on modern Window enabled operating systems. It is basically an application programming interface of Microsoft Windows used for making such changes within windows. The MSI files are contained in a package which is used with the program’s client-side installer service.  In order to use MSI Installer, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Create MSI Advanced Installer

How to Create MSI Advanced Installer

1. Choose the file that you wish to install:-

You can begin by choosing the files that you wish to install and then you have to create your Installer package project using MSI. Just click its icon from desktop or the available list of programs in the all programs option and then find it to make a click on it. You can choose any number of files as an initial approach to find them later when needed.

2. Choose the Project Type:-

Now once you click the MSI icon from list of applications, you will be asked to choose the project type. Just choose “Simple” option and then uncheck the wizard box. Now you will be able to edit or make changes to the project in a customized manner. Just save the project and note down the path of its destination folder.

3. Bring Chosen Files to the Package:-

Look at the left side of installer screen and you can choose files and folders from there. Click “Application folder” and then click “Add files”. Find the file that you wish to install and then make a double click over it to add it to the application folder.

4. Install the MSI package:-

In order to install the MSI package, you will need to build it first. In order to build the MSI package, you will need to click the “Build” toolbar button on the installer screen and you will get a dialogue box over the screen depicting the build process. Once the build gets completed, you can click the run toolbar to open the set-up wizard and you can easily install MSI package this way.

5. Make Changes with the Packages:-

MSI is not just all about installing the packages but it is also about making changes with them. You can use it for installation, modification and even uninstall of packages. The more you try your hand on MSI, the more you get familiar with it and though during first time you may face some difficulties while installing the packages with MSI but soon you get accustomed to it.


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