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How to Create GIF Animation using Adobe Photoshop

How to Create Animation in Photoshop


Photoshop is a raster graphic editor which can be taken as a picture editing software developed and published by adobe systems for windows and OSX which can be bought in use to make changes with a particular picture. These changes include removal of spots and red eyes, cropping a particular portion of a picture. It was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. People from photograph industry as well as picture editing industry use this software both at personal as well as professional level. One of the features of this software is that it makes us able to create animation or GIF images with it. GIF images are the images which appear to be moving when we open them. In order to create a work of animation with Photoshop, you can bring the following steps in use:-

How to Create GIF Animation using Adobe Photoshop

How to Create GIF Animation using Adobe Photoshop

1. Launch Photoshop Application:-

Launch Photoshop application first of all. It is better if you upgrade the Photoshop version if it is an outdated one. Open a particular video file with this software now. Now choose a particular video frame by choosing import option and then selecting “video frame to layers” option. Trim it first if it is a long movie file. Simply click file option provided at the top of your Photoshop application now to adjust the import settings. .

2. Adjust the Import Settings:-

Make the necessary adjustments by reaching the “Import Video to Layers” window. After adjusting the import settings, click ‘Ok’ to import your movie and then you will get all the particular frames in layer menu. The same layer section can be bought in use to add effects or to make corrections with the color or contract or brightness.

3. Editing a Particular Layer:-

Reach the timeline window and click a particular frame. Find the matching layer and then make modifications if you need them. Add effects or make changes in order to animate the effects. It is better if you do this with several frames. Give it a background or an overlay effect. Give an effect to each individual layer. This way effects can be added to your trimmed video.

4. Adding the Effect:-

Now you can add effects to your work of animation. If lens flare has been added to one of the frames, you can copy this effect to the other frame by pressing control key, alt key and “F” key all at a same time. Continue this process with each of the frames till the effect gets reduced to zero and you will get an animated kind of lens flare.

5. Save the file:-

The animated GIF thus prepared can be saved to the device by pressing “save for web” option in the menu. Now import the video frames to layers and use them. Animation in Photoshop application is all based on animation window. Simply select layers, get to the animation window, change to the frame animation and then click flyout menu frame for each layer in order to make it a perfect work of animation. It is better if the video is your personally chosen short video as these ones suit the best for making animation.


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