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How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

how to create an email signature


An E-mail signature does lots more than a simple signature. A simple signature is just a seal in your own handwriting to attest any letter/application etc. to make others have a clue that it has been sent by a genuine person, but when we talk about an E-mail signature, it does not only act as a seal of your own handwriting, but it also acts as a way of describing who you are and the way others can get connected with you. You can never add a picture with a normal signature, but you can add a picture, a link and even additional details about yourself with an E-mail signature and it gets sent to everyone whom you send an E-mail. In order to create an E-mail signature, the following tips can be bought into use:-

how to create an email signature in gmail

How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

1. Design A Company Logo Or Picture:-

First of all, you should design your compnay/worshop/institution’s logo or picture with any picture editing software to keep it saved in your computer so that it may be uploaded later on when we make changes with the signature settings. You can even search the internet for some appreciable picture’s web link so as to use it later-on as your signature picture.

2. Prepare A Rough Presentation of Your Signature:-

Open Microsoft word and prepare a rough signature meanwhile. Write your mobile number, Whatsapp or Facebook or Linkedin contact or simply any other information about your profession, possession or business. Customize the information your way and keep it saved in the same Microsoft file so that we may be able to cut and paste it when needed in the signature field.

3. Open Your Gmail Account And Click The Settings Gear:-

how to create an email signature

Write in URL bar of your device’s web browser and log-in with your E-mail account. When you make a log-in, you will see a settings gear at very much top portion of the web page and this is located in the right hand side of your gadget’s screen. Even the mobile devices have a provision for Gmail settings in G-mail application which comes pre-installed in the device.

4. Scroll Downside And Reach Signature:-

Now, when you click the settings gear, the settings form will appear before you on the screen, you can scroll down to find the option for signature settings within the same form. If you are using Gmail, you will find an option to add signature at the very bottom portion of this page before option for snippets and personal level indicators.

5. Use Options To Add Link Or Image:-

Click “Add Signature” option to add text that we had kept saved as a Microsoft File by cutting and pasting it from that file in the signature field of settings. There is a menu bar with each signature box and you can choose the option for adding picture, link and even to set alignment with these options. The options are very much same like the ones we get with blogger or even Microsoft word. Once you make changes, scroll downside and click “Save changes” option. The signature will get set permanently.


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