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How to Create a Zip File of a Folder in Linux

How to Zip a Folder in Linux


Just like Windows is an operating system from Microsoft inc. Company, Linux is also a kind of operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution program. It was originally developed as a free operating system for personal computers, but then its dominance on smart phones was seen and android came as a product of this Linux kernel only. Linux these days comes installed in many computers and laptops. In order to compress many files together in a same folder to make it able to be sent all in a single go on such an operating system you can easily zip files and folders in it using these simple steps:-

How to Create a Zip File of a Folder in Linux

How to Create a Zip File of a Folder in Linux

1. Download Zip Compress Tool:-

A zip compress tool is available on the internet which can be downloaded for both windows as well as Linux platforms. In order to convert a specific folder to zipped type, you can easily download this application on your computer to launch and use it on your device to zip or unzip the files.

2. An Option comes while downloading:-

I am using a Dell Laptop with Ubuntu Linux version installed in it as an operating system. Whenever I am downloading any file from the Internet, It shows me an option to zip the files before storing them into any of the drives in my laptop. You can look for one such option in your computer/laptop as well.

3. Download a Suitable Application from Linux Application Store:-

As I said earlier, I am currently using Ubuntu version of Linux operating system and there is a dedicated application store provided in this version. I was having a look at the available list of applications and I found that there are countless such applications which are specialized by the developer to make your files get converted to zip form. You can download one such folder zipping tool for yourself from the application store in order to use it with Linux operating system.

4. The Command to Zip Any Folder:-

Some people often ask me the command to zip a folder in Linux. Well In order to zip folder in Linux, you can use the following set of code. “Zip -9 -r <zip file> <folder name>” for zipping multiple files in a particular folder or you can even zip a single file by using the command “zip -9 <zip file> <filename>”

5. Activate the Zip Facility:-

The zip and unzip facility is present there with every Linux based system, but it is not in a presently activated form or a physical application as by default these utilities are not installed in your system. In order to activate the zip utility, you can manage to open the terminal by clicking system tools and then you can use the following two commands in order to activate the zip/unzip facility in your Linux based computer.

The two commands are as follows:-

# apt-get install zip
# apt-get install unzip


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