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How to Create a New Photo Album on Facebook

How to Create New Album on Facebook


Facebook is a social networking website, which connects the world together. One can get connected with his/her college mates, school mates, workmates, contacts and other general life friends creating a profile on this application. It enables you with the features like chatting, video uploading, image uploading and other such features like online calls, video calls etc. You can create multiple albums on Facebook transforming them according to your privacy needs. In order to create a new album on Facebook, you can follow the following tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Create a New Photo Album on Facebook

How to Create a New Photo Album on Facebook

(A.) Creating an Album on Facebook Application:-

We can create a photo album using Facebook application on mobile. This application can be downloaded from Google playstore in your android mobile and you can even download it from Windows application store or Apple application store etc.

1. Click Facebook Application and Open it:-

After downloading the application, just click it and open it while entering your Facebook ID and password. The home page of your facebook account in the form of newsfeed will appear before your screen.

2. Reach Your Profile Page:-

On the top portion of the screen, there will be multiple gear icons provided to you from which the first option will be of newsfeed, the second icon will be of friend requests and finding friends, the third option will be for your inbox, fourth option will be for notifications and when you click the fifth icon, you will reach you profile page. This will be your timeline where you can see all the previously posted status and photographs.

3. Click “Photos” Option:-

Now when you reach your profile page, you will have to click “Photos” option provided just below your cover image. Click this option and all the photos related with your Facebook account will get displayed.

4. Click “Albums” Option:-

Scroll to the right and you will find an option to locate your albums. One out of these albums will be for cover pictures, the other will be for profile pictures and third one will be for timeline photographs. Somewhere on the same page there will be an option to “Create New Album”.

5. Create “New Album”:-

Click “create new album” option in order to create a new album in your Facebook timeline. Choose privacy options and enter description/tags etc for your album. You can select the photos to be uploaded afterwards.

(B.) Creating an Album on Computer Based Website:-

There are two methods of creating a Facebook picture album with the help of computer based web browser. The first option includes you to make an album with the home page of your Facebook account and the other enables you to make a Facebook album after reaching you profile page.

1. Reach the Facebook Website:-

In order to create a Facebook album with any of the above mentioned approaches, you will need to enter in the URL bar of your browser first of all.

2. Open the Home Page:-

After opening the Facebook account sign-in page, you will need to enter your Facebook username and password entering which you can click the “Log-In” option and you will soon get logged-into your facebook I.D.

3. Use the Update Status Field:-

Create New Album on Facebook

When your Facebook account gets opened, there will be a status updation field provided at the top of you browser’s screen. This screen will have three options. I.e. add photo/video, create photo album and update status. You have to choose “Create Photo Album” option from these three options and you will be able to create a new album this way.

4. Uploading with Your Profile:-

How to Create New Album on Facebook

You can even make a new picture album with Facebook if you are currently on your profile page or timeline. A status updation field is always present at the top portion of your profile just below your information/photos and cover image section. In this section, you will get three options, i.e. the first one will be to update your status, the second one will read “Photo/Video”, the third one will read “life Event” clicking which you can add an event of your life to your profile. From these options, we have to click “Photo/Video” option and when we click this option, we will get two sub-options, one out of which will read “Upload Photo/Video” clicking which we can upload a picture directly to a pre-selected album and the other option will read “Create Photo Album”, clicking which a user can create new Facebook album.


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