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Why Burning of Crackers Should be Banned

Why Crackers Should Be Banned


We burst crackers on every special occasion like marriages, parties, victory celebrations and even festivals like Deepawali, Dussehra, New Year celebrations, Christmas celebrations etc. We celebrate each and every victory blowing crackers as these are colorful and make the atmosphere sparkling with lights of multiple colors. Children like to blow crackers as they burst with a boom and generate light when exploded. Some people are also of the view that these crackers should be banned. The possible reasons to this can be as follows:-

Why Crackers Should Be Banned

Why Burning of Crackers Should be Banned

1. Creates Sound Pollution:-

Most of the crackers generate a loud amount of noise when we burst or explode them. This sound is so loud that it can damage one’s ears if many crackers are exploded or burst at a single time. On Festive occasions like Diwali (Deepawali) when approximately all of the India is busy bursting crackers, it generates lots of Noise pollution, which is enough to make one lose his hearing ability if he is exposed to such a noise for a long period of time.

2. Becomes the Cause of Fires:-

Recently, many cases of fire due to explosion in cracker shops were also reported. A cracker is made up of explosive material which can make a building catch fire within no time. Even the terrorists can use material out of these crackers to make bombs and fire catching material from it. If your house has curtains and some rocket based cracker enters your house. The curtains can catch fire.

3. Causes Severe Burns:-

The fireworks which are based on a thin metal rod wrapped with ammo material can cause severe burns if you touch the metal rod after using them. Children who do not know the proper way of exploding such crackers often get their hands burnt with crackers which burst in their hands. Some crackers which burst in the sky when you light them up with fire often burn your face when the direction gets changed because of a mistake.

4. Generates Pollutants:-

The explosion of these crackers gives rise to pollutants affects the health of people giving rise to toxic dusts and chemicals that easily enters the lungs and causes congestion of lungs. This problem mostly affects the patients of Asthma who can’t even breathe properly on festive occasions like Diwali or Christmas or New Year when the entire nation is bursting crackers.

5. Makes Your Pet Fearful:-

If you have a pet dog, it would be busy moving in and around the house normally, but when you burst crackers, even the pet animals get fearful and if you have a pet dog, you can easily find it crawling under the bed or hiding somewhere in a  corner of the house. Crackers don’t just put you in danger, but the other animals too.

6. Crackers Suffocate People:-

People really feel suffocated with the pollutants that these crackers generate.  If we do not ban crackers, the crackers will ban human existence on this earth by spreading health problems like asthma, hearing problems and other such health problems. Rather than bursting crackers on any occasion, we can share sweets or greeting cards. A festive occasion is an eve to spread happiness and not diseases or health problems and thus it is better to ban crackers for betterment of human life.


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