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How to Crack UPSC Exam in First Attempt

Get through UPSC in First Attempt


UPSC or Civil Services Exam is supposed to be the toughest exam in India. It is second toughest amongst all the civil service recruitment exams across the world. UPSC exam is like a marathon unlike CAT and other competitive exams. It’s marathon as it takes almost a year to complete one cycle of exam. Also syllabus adheres to the title of marathon. It’s kind of unending. And more importantly, it’s not a mere test of your intelligence. It checks your aptitude, attitude, tenacity and character too. Here are some tips for the aspirants to get through this exam in very first attempt.

How to Crack UPSC Exam in First Attempt

How to Crack UPSC Exam in First Attempt

1. Start Early:-

Starting your preparation at graduation stage is the best decision one can take. It gives one more time. Thus, one has time to learn from others’ experiences and one’s own mistakes also. It helps one to understand the nerve of the examination and demand of the examination. Also, it provides one with ample time to complete the huge syllabus. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to cover up the syllabus in just one year.

2. Tame the Main Exam:-

Main examination, which is the second stage of this examination is the most crucial stage of this examination. It is conducted in written or subjective format. One has to make oneself ready for the main examination even before one appears for the preliminary examination. This increases the chances of one clearing Main examination with good score and end up getting a good rank in the final list.

3. Option subject:-

One has to write optional subject from the list provided by the UPSC notification. Optional subject has proved crucial to get a rank in the final list in the last few years. So, one has to choose one’s optional subject very wisely. You have to be very thorough with your optional subject as the questions are asked from any area of the optional syllabus.

4. General Studies:-

General Studies syllabus is not well defined as the optional syllabus is. But one has to study General Studies not only for Main but also for Preliminary examination. This underlines the importance of General Studies for getting through the exam in very first attempt.

5. Preliminary Examination:-

Preliminary exam is like a gate-pass. You are allowed to write Main exam only if you clear the Preliminary exam. Also number students appearing for Preliminary Exam are increasing day by day. So, competition is getting cut throat here. So, don’t underestimate this exam and give it its due importance. This helps to clear it with ease.


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