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6 Steps to Crack IDM Manually For Windows

How to Crack IDM in Windows-7


IDM or Internet Download Manager is an internet based application which enables you to download files in your computer or laptop or mobile/tablet device in a better and faster way. Sometimes after installation, the IDM reads a message,” You have registered IDM using a fake serial key”.

6 Steps to Crack IDM Manually For Windows

How to Crack IDM Manually For Windows

In such cases, you have to crack the window version in order to install it on a computer system. Though the other window users like Windows Vista or XP can directly access the features of IDM but it creates much problems for window-7 users and if you are also using window-7 version into your computer system, you can easily crack IDM in it using the following steps:-

1. Open up the Registration Window of Your IDM:-

Log-in with administrator mode of your computer. Now open up the IDM application. When you open up the IDM application in your computer, a window gets opened on your screen with options like task, file, download etc and the last option in this menu will be the internet Download Manager registration option.

If you click this option, a small window will get opened on your screen asking you for your name, E-mail ID, serial number etc. The computer might also ask you to configure the extension with Mozilla Firefox browser if you have not configured it yet.

2. Enter the Fake Serial Key:-

In this page form, you have to enter your name and original Email ID but fake activation serial key. You can use a fake E-mail ID as well. The Internet Download Manager serial keys are generally equipped with numbers as well as alphabets. An IDM serial key consists of twenty characters divided in four portions i.e. MNJRJ-PK9PK-5WAKR-6PDN1 you can enter any other similar key if you wish.

This is a fake key and obviously the key that you will fill in your IDM editing this key will also be fake. Enter that key and click the ok button. Your internet connection should be properly connected in order to perform this cracking operation.

3. Read the Message Displayed:-

When you press the OK button, the computer will display a message for you reading that you have filled in the wrong serial key for your IDM version. This is what we needed. We are mentioning a path after finishing this line. You have to go on this path now. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

4. Open the Host Reading the File Path:-

Copying the location mentioned by me in this path, you have to open the host file, making right click on its name and choosing the option to open file with notepad. Notepad is present in simply every Windows version and thus you will find it in windows-7 version as well.

5. Copy the Following Lines To Local Host: – registeridm.com www.registeridm.com secure.registeridm.com internetdownloadmanager.com www.internetdownloadmanager.com secure.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com

6. Save the File now:-

You have to save this file now. After saving this notepad file, if you check your IDM version again, you will find that your limited access version has got converted to a professional version. If the version still does not work, you can download a pro version for free from websites like www.filehippo.com which charge nothing for free software downloads.


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