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How to Crack Excel Password Protected Sheet

how to crack excel password protected sheet


Microsoft excel is a kind of word processing software that was issued from the house of Microsoft company which deals with the computer world. The Microsoft excel is a kind of software that is enabled with certain mathematics based formulas that can be bought in use by the user to go for the calculations or the data based manipulations. Suppose a school teacher needs to make the marking records of his or her students, these formulas can enable him or her to go for it in a smart manner. Some excel files are encrypted or password protected from the creator’s side and in order to crack that password, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to crack excel password protected sheet

How to Crack Excel Password Protected Sheet

1. Go for the Frequently Used Passwords:-

In order to crack the excel passwords; the first approach that you may bring in use is to go for the frequently used passwords. Generally a typical user gets bored of the multiple passwords that he has to remember for the security purposes and hence keeps either the same password for each purpose or instead uses the frequently used passwords.

2. Spy on the Creator:-

In case you are not satisfied with the results that the frequently used password leave you with, you may even choose to spy the user so as to get the confidential information out of him either through some spyware or by the means of some other trick that you may deploy for the purpose of spying on him.

3. Have A Clue with the Help of Known’s:-

It may be that the user tells the password to some known from which you may recover the password or you may instead try out the easy versions like 11111 or 22222 or 00000 etc. as I told you that the user gets bored in remembering the multiple passwords and he starts making the use of easy ones.

4. Try Out The Important Dates:-

In some of the cases, people are even seen keeping their passwords on the important dates in their lives like his or her date of birth or the date of anniversary or some other such important date as well. You may thus try out these important dates in order to crack the excel password.

5. Even The Phone Numbers Are Kept As Passwords Sometimes:-

In some other cases it has been seen that people start keeping their password on the phone numbers of people in their knowledge as it is easy to remember a mobile number and nobody can even take it as a clue whose number you will deploy for this purpose and hence the individual’s telephone diary may also be bought in use for the purpose of cracking his password.

6. Go for the Professional Decryption:-

In case you still feel it impossible for yourself to crack the excel password of that individual, you may choose to take the help of some professional tool or software deployed for this purpose or else you may even choose to call some professional regarding the same.


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