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6 Reasons Why Corona Occurs In Transmission Line

Why Corona Occurs In Transmission Line


It is generally said that corona the effect takes place with the transmission system of the power line, but what is this corona effect and why does this corona occur in a transmission line? Actually, in electricity, corona discharge is an electrical discharge bought by the ionization of a fluid surrounding a conductor that is electrically charged. In high voltage systems, many corona discharges are likely to be seen spontaneously and the reason why corona discharge occurs in a transmission line can be explained as follows: –

Why Corona Occurs In Transmission Line

Why Corona Occurs In Transmission Line

1. It occurs when strength of electric field is high:-

A corona discharge normally takes place when the potential gradient or you may say the strength of the electric field around a conductor is high enough to form a conductive region but not so much high to cause an electrical breakdown to nearby objects and thus chooses to discharge what we name as corona discharge.

2. The sound energy can also be generated sometimes:-

In some of the cases, instead of discharge being noticed in the form of light, you can also experience a release of sound as the energy that gets released in the form of light in the other cases gets transformed to sound energy in such cases.

3. It occurs with all the transmission lines:-

According to a student of Physics, Mr. Mathew, the corona effect is likely to occur with approximately all the electric transmission lines. It is also associated with the ionization of the molecules of surrounding gases and undergoes a localized change of electric charge as well.

4. It becomes more noticeable in case of very high voltages:-

Though the corona effect in the case of a transmission line with low voltage may not be noticed the most of times, but it becomes noticeable much in the case of the transmission lines associated with a higher voltage than the normal ones and thus the person who comes across one such transmission line can easily notice the corona effect taking place.

5. The Corona effect also results in a loss of power:-

Obviously, when we are talking about the transmission line, it would obviously be associated with the transfer of power and thus as we are dealing with power, the power loss is likely to occur when the corona discharge takes place because of the phenomenon involved.

6. This proves to increase the headache of power dealers:-

Corona effect results in reduced efficiency related with power and thus it becomes a headache for the power dealers. The cost of service also gets increased and thus to deal with the losses made by corona discharge, a great amount of service has to be paid.


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