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How to Convince your Parents to do Love Marriage

How to Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage


There comes a time in every successful couple’s life when they decide to marry and end their temporary boyfriend-girlfriend relationship into a successful husband-wife relation, but it is seen that this time is the toughest for most of the couples as they fear how they will face their parents. In this article we have come with some tips to follow while convincing your parents for marriage, some of which are as follows:-

How to Convince your Parents to do Love Marriage

How to Convince your Parents to do Love Marriage

1. Choose A Suitable Time:-

First of all, you need to choose a suitable time for you to talk with your parents. Preferably it should be a time when they have smiles on their faces or some good news has arrived. You can choose a time when both your parents are sitting together or you can choose someone to talk among them who is more friendly with you and can convince the other for you.

2. Sit Down To Talk:-

Now when you have done so, just reach them and say you want to talk with them. Start by speaking in a light tone that you love a guy or a girl and you want to ask them if they will allow you or not to marry him/ her. Tell them everything about your partner and that he or she is nice and you understand each other and you want your parents to meet your partner.

3. Tell Them Everything In Brief:-

Tell them the reason why you love your partner, obviously when you have been in a relation for quite long then you must know few of your partner’s qualities even your parents will like. Appreciate him or her in front of them and tell them your partner wants to meet them.

4. Tell Them Your Partner’s Qualities:-

While telling your partner’s qualities, don’t be too much excited, speak in an innocent and polite way. Tell them your partner is the best and will respect them also. Tell them his or her background and that he is just like they would have chosen for you. Learn to Butter your words.

5. Tell Them, Why Your Partner Is The Best For You:-

Tell them why your partner is a best choice and why they can’t find someone better for you. In case of girls generally it is seen that the parents doubt if the boy’s family will accept the girl or not. So we advice you if you are a girl, convince your parents by telling them everything including the family background of the boy so that it is easy for your parents to inquire about him and his family.

6. Tell Them The Decision Still Depends On Them:-

If you feel your parents are quite serious about the matter, change their mood by saying that the last and final decision still depends on them. You are not going to leave your parents at any cost. I am not telling you to do that in actual sense. I am not telling you to leave your partner, I am just telling you to make them feel they are still your first priority and their child has not got out of their hands. This helps them get emotional and their mind is likely to change. At last you can end by saying they should meet your partner once and check personally how he or she is.


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