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6 Smart Ways To Convince Someone to Donate

How To Convince Someone to Donate moneyHow To Convince Someone to Donate money


When you move ahead for a noble cause, everyone appreciates your step, but only a few of them move ahead to help you and assist you during the same. History is a proof that a single step can’t lead the entire journey and instead you need to be capable enough to make people stand up with you to take a stand for the others in order to win such battles. If you have launched a helping campaign for the poor or those who got injured in a natural calamity like earthquake etc. you can move forward as a volunteer and you can ask people to donate with their will for the sake of those people. Here are some ways in which you can do the same:-

How To Convince Someone to Donate moneyHow To Convince Someone to Donate money

How To Convince Someone to Donate

1. Your Marketing Strategy:-

Marketing strategy is not just needed for a business, but also if you wish to do anything on a large scale. If you are planning to launch a donation campaign to help the sufferers of a natural calamity, say earthquake etc. it is better that you make marketing to make your voice reach maximum people, as when maximum people hear your voice, maximum people pay attention to your words.

2. Never Force the others:-

Your approach should be a convincing one rather than a forcing or compelling one. You just have to request in front of people to donate as their capability or heart allows them to make donations. You are not a beggar who will keep on pleading in front of people to ask for help but instead you are working for an initiative where anyone can make a charity according to his/her will.

3. Adopt the Qualities of Good Leader in Yourself:-

In order to agree someone to donate, you should first inculcate the qualities of a good leader in yourself first. This includes motivating capability and encouraging capability above all others. Just motivate people and encourage them for donation by giving them a brief analysis of what actually happened and why they need to be kind enough to donate for the cause for which you are standing.

4. Keep Your Approach Genuine:-

These days, many fraud donation seekers keep on moving in the local streets with a slip paper pad in their hands. Your approach should be a genuine one in order to make yourself separated from such people. Never move while making group of several people in a particular area, but instead move in a couple of one to two to create a favorable impact. Keep the details of your NGO or organization as genuine as possible to avoid being considered a fake organization.

5. Ignite the Spark of Helping Nature in everyone:-

All you have to do is to ignite the spark of helping nature in everyone with your Champaign. People will consider you a fraud, if you ask only for money and instead you can ask them to donate clothes, food, playing stuff and other such essentials as well.

6. Make Them Feel Sympathetic with others:-

If you wish to convince a special person in your knowledge to donate for this cause, just make him feel sympathetic enough with the one who needs or deserves this donation. Once he gets convinced about the fact that his donation is really going to change someone’s life in a favorable way, he or she is sure to donate for the cause.


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