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How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Document Online

How to Convert PDF to Word Online


PDF or “Portable Document Format” file is basically a data file that may contain text or pictures in it and comes with an extension “.pdf” Microsoft word files have got the extension as “.doc” or ”.docx” and it also contains text as well as images in it. Pdf’s

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Document Online

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Document Online

How You Can View Pdf Or Word Files?

In order to view PDF files, you need a PDF viewer like adobe PDF viewer or any other one like it that reads the PDF files while in order to view Microsoft word files, you just need a compatible Microsoft word software.

Why Do I Need To Convert Pdf To Word?

You might feel a need to convert PDF file into a word file as sometimes you need the data in an editable form and that can’t happen with the pdf files and thus you need a Microsoft file as it allows you to edit the data saved in a file.

How Can I Convert Pdf Into Word?

In order to convert a pdf file into a word file, you need to either download a pdf to word convertor software or you can simply use any pdf to word convertor website in order to do this. The website will just ask you to upload the file to their server and you will be able to download its word converted version.

I am mentioning some of the internet based sites and applications here that you can use in order to convert your PDF file to word file some of which are as follows:-


Converting With Websites:-

Just open a pdf to word conversion website and select the pdf file that you want to convert using the select file option. Upload the pdf file to get it converted and wait for the download file option to appear on screen. The file can be downloaded back after conversion. When you download the file back, it would have been converted to a Microsoft word format and will have a .docx or .doc extension instead of the .pdf extension.

Converting With Applications:-

Open PDF file in the converter software, i.e. adobe acrobat or Easy pdf and go to the tools/ menu and select the “Convert to MS-WORD document” option. The file will get converted and you can save it with a new name. After getting converted your file will have an “docx” or “.doc” extension instead of “.pdf” extension.


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