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How to Control your Anger towards Someone

How to Control Your Anger


Anger is everybody’s weakness and basically everyone amongst us has got angry at some point of his life or the other, some get angry because of some bothering individual and some get angry without any reason. Anger makes you week and if it gets beyond control, you loose many things including lovely relations and friends as well. Anger is not a thing that can’t be managed and doing so can really save your life. In this article we have explained some ways like this only that will help you save your soul by managing your anger.

How to Control your Anger towards Someone

How to Control your Anger towards Someone

1. Ignorance:-

First of all. Learn to ignore small things. Learn to ignore the people who bother you. If you are doing some important work or calculations and you forget where you were with the words people speak and that is increasing your anger, you can simply request them to go and talk in some other corner. But remember to ask politely.

2. Meditate and take deep breathe:-

Sometimes, even meditation can help you a lot to relieve yourself from the excessive daily stress. People get angry when they are stressed. Try to sort out things within time. Your family problems should not become the reason to put your anger on others. Stay calm as nothing has happened. Try to sort out things within time. Nobody becomes small by saying sorry.

3. Anger management:-

Seek for anger management if everything gets out of your hands. Take deep breaths and tell yourself that you won’t fight with anybody. Start laughing the moment somebody makes you angry. This can reduce your anger and the person dealing with you will himself get a clue that there is something wrong with the matter.

4. Leave the place and search for peace:-

If nothing has worked and people are still bothering you with their voice despite your continuous efforts of asking them to stop talking. You yourself can go out and leave the place. Go somewhere else where you find peace. Just simply go out, take deep breaths and continue with your work.

5. Remember the value of relations:-

Tell yourself that every relation is important and you won’t spoil any relation. Who knows you may need one after some time. Relations are important and the moment you feel to be angry with anybody, think about the value of his relation with you and your anger for him or her will itself get vanished.

6. Sense of humor:-

Sense of humor is also a thing that can help you get rid of your anger. Learn to crack jokes on yourself and try watching our comedy movies and programmers. Serious all the time can even increase your anger. The more you stay happy, the less you stay angry.

7. Go to someone who understands you:-

The last thing that you can try out in order to control your anger is to go to a person who understands you and is mature enough to sort out your problems. Just go to your wife and hug her, or simply go to your mother or father, lie in their lap and tell them your reason of being stressed. They are sure to console you in a better way.


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