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How To Control Vaginal Discharge And Embarrassing Situation

How To Control Vaginal Discharge


Our body tries to discharge only the thing it does not really needs and so is the case with vaginal discharge. Every woman encounters this problem at some point of her life.  It makes a woman totally devastated the way it feels when she finds the symptoms to be different than as told by the others and what becomes a matter of concern for her. Vaginal discharge is not a matter much to worry about, you can easily control it by following these three simple steps mentioned here in this article.

How To Control Vaginal Discharge And Embarrassing Situation

Control Vaginal Discharge And Embarrassing Situation

Know Your Discharge Color And Odour:-

Vaginal discharge is categorized either by the smell associated with it or due to the color of the fluid. You can seek expert’s help after noting down these on a paper and then later on you can consult a health specialist. You may find the vaginal fluid to be thick, white and cheesy accompanied by itching or swelling that may be a result of the yeast infection or it may be yellow or green in color that is a result of a medical condition called BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS or if it is accompanied by a thick and chunky bad smell, it might be the result of an infection or an outcome of a SEXUAL INTERCOURCE.

Thus, when you know the type of discharge coming through your vagina, you can tell it to the specialist in a better way and the diagnosis and treatment can be done in a better way.

Check If There Is Any Pain Associated:-

After the first step, you just need to check if there is any sort of pain associated with the discharge. If there is any sort of pain related to the discharge, you can go for the pain relievers.

Assure Cleanliness:-

Sometimes what happens, the women are in the same underwear for a long period and there increases the chance of a bacterial infection. If you are undergoing a vaginal discharge, you should keep on changing your underwear after certain intervals of time during the day in order to avoid any sort of bacterial infection at all.

Besides this, you can even use baby wipes in order to clean your vaginal area. As told earlier, the body discharges something that is of no use for it, thus the unwanted stuff should be wiped off immediately. Keep your underwear’s cleaned regularly as to avoid any case of bacterial infection in your private area.

You can even use a sanitary pad like that of brand “whisper” or “sofy” or any other sanitary pad available easily within every market these days. The purpose is to keep the discharge fluid away from getting in contact with your body.

Most importantly, you should let your body get nature’s fresh open air on a regular basis, it helps you stay healthy and fit and makes your periods normal. Your skin even needs some air to breathe and thus getting in open air for a while is an awesome idea.


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