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5 Home Remedies to Control Pregnancy Before Marriage

Home Remedies to Control Pregnancy before Marriage


When two people of opposite sexes fall in love with each other, it is nature’s rule that they can’t stay away from each other. The meeting is an eternal one and it does not just include the meeting of two souls, but it is also a unity of two bodies as well. A famous writer in one of his books says that the son of a man can never keep himself spared from getting physical with his partner, but when once this physical relationship gets established, it invites either happiness or problems for you.

 Home Remedies to Control Pregnancy before Marriage

How to Control Pregnancy Before Marriage

Happiness because it gives you the chance to become a parent and invite problem as a society never accepts an illegitimate child. A child who takes birth before marriage is considered a bane rather than a boon and in order to spare yourself from such a situation, you can use these home remedies to control pregnancy:-

1. Do it before and After Periods:-

The best way to do sex is to do it with protection, but if doing sex with protection does not entertains your partner, you can convince him not to make sex while you are undergoing periods. You can perform sex before or after ovulation periods in order to safeguard yourself against getting pregnant.

2. Avoid Sex during Ovulation Days:-

During the time of ovulation, there is always a danger of eggs getting fertilized and thus you should completely shun or avoid sex during the days of ovulation cycle. You should stop meeting your partner during this time if you can’t convince him for staying away from you during this period of time.

3. Contraceptive Pills To Avoid Getting Pregnant:-

Contraceptive pills like I-pill or any other such pill is also an option available in such cases, but there is always a danger with these pills and it is that if you use these pills in an excessive manner, it can make you compromise with your health and in some cases it can make you lose your ability to get pregnant forever and thus you should leave this option to be the last option.

4. Use Condom as a Sperm Blocking shield:-

Condom is a rubber sheath that you can use with your private area in order to control getting pregnant. Condoms are available for males as well as females and you can purchase them easily from any medical store. Condoms are also available free of cost on some government based population control centers. You can wear a condom while making sex to prevent sperms from making you fertilized, and you can also ask your partner to do the same.

5. Control and Counseling:-

You should always keep some limits with yourself and you should never cross these limits at any cost even for your partner. Your partner should also keep a control over his lust or love during the days of your period cycle to prevent you from getting pregnant. You should say no to unprotected sex before marriage and if your partner’s love for you is real, even he will not argue with you upon this. If you both still do not agree with each other, counseling is the best option.


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