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How to Control Beard Hair Loss Using Remedies

How to Control Beard Hair Fall?


For people who like to keep long beard, there comes a time when they report some hair out of their beard to start falling. This situation is common once your beard acquires enough length to be combed. In such a situation the person thinks that this might be the result of some disease that he is suffering from but actually this is normal with every person. Actually, every beard loses some of its hairs after a certain interval of time and in order to control this problem of hair fall, you can apply the tips which we are mentioning here.

How to Control Beard Hair Loss Using Remedies

How to Control Beard Hair Loss Using Remedies

1. Check If It Is A Sign Of Some Disease (Alopecia):-

The first and foremost approach which you can follow in such a stage is to check if this might not be the sign of some severe disease. There is a disease called alopecia in which you start losing all hair of your beard. If you are suffering from this disease, you should watch your doctor soon.

2.  Shampoo It And Oil It Regularly:-

If you are not suffering from alopecia or any other such problem, you can try applying shampoo and oil to your beard regularly. You can even apply egg yolk once a week on your beard in order to make it get fortified against the damage done to it in any form

3. Apply Amla/Neem Juice on It:-

Amla and neem juice are both rich in hair strengthening, hair curing and hair disease fighting capabilities and thus you can apply neem juice or amla juice regularly on your beard hair in order to control beard hair fall. Simply keep the juice applied for fifteen minutes daily on your beard and then rinse it with water. You will soon see favorable effects.

4. Groom And Brush It Regularly:-

According to a research report, if you groom your beard hair regularly and comb them after bathing, you will experience less hairfall problems as hair fall can result sometimes due to a lack of grooming care as well. Besides this, you can try moisturizing approaches for your hair as a bit of moisture enhances hair quality and health.

5. Give It an Olive Oil Massage:-

If you can’t still manage to find a working treatment for your beard’s falling hair, you can purchase some olive oil from a medical or cosmetic store and then that oil can be bought into use daily to massage your beard with it. These hair oils have hair strengthening and disease fighting properties that enable you to cure the hair fall problem with your beard.

6. Stop Using Chemical Hair Gels:-

According to a report, if you are using chemical hair gels with your hair, this can also be one of the reasons of hair fall reported with your beard. You should stay away from chemical gels as well as other chemical products in order to safeguard your beard hair from hair fall problem. Besides this, you should stay in touch with your doctor to double check if this might not be the sign of an awaited disease.


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