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How Does Contractions Feel During Pregnancy

How Contractions Feel During Pregnancy


Contractions refer to the periodic tightening and relaxing of the uterine muscle in a female’s body when she is in the stage of pregnancy. How contractions make you feel can depend on a range of factors, many of which differ from women to women. This includes the factors like position of your baby, the strength of your labor, the physical health as well as emotional health. These contractions can be intense or powerful depending on your situation and presence of mentioned factors being unfavorable for you. The way in which contractions are felt by women can be explained by following steps:-

How Contractions Feel During Pregnancy

How Does Contractions Feel During Pregnancy

1. Depends on your emotional state and state of your mind:-

We had a talk with multiple women in order to judge how contractions feel to them and approximately all of them reported about different feelings. Actually, the feelings that we experience because of contractions depend a lot on our emotional state of mind and thus each and every woman can report different kinds of feelings during this stage.

2.  The uterus feels hardened when contract muscle:-

When muscles start contracting, the uterus parts feel hardened. This is common with each and every woman. Some women reported contractions to be wavelike experience where the intensity reaches a peek before fading. Some explained it like a graph of crests and troughs where a rise is expected to meet a fall after some time.

3.  What Contraction Depends Upon:-

Contractions depend upon how far into labor have you reached. The contractions that you experience in early stage of labor may feel the same as the pain you feel during your periods or cramps, but the pain in later stages can get further more and ultimately it fades up at last.

4. Where Contraction is felt:-

Most of women report contractions to be felt in back, at place under the tummy, and other such similar places in the early stages but then it crosses to uterus part of a women spreading from these places as it reaches its peak and then ultimately it gets faded up.

5. The Way Contractions are felt:-

Though most of women say that contraction pain is felt less during the initial stage and then it gets furthermore expanded but some women were even of the view that it can be painful room the very starting of your labor cycle. Actually during this stage, the cervix part of women starts dilating. Different women report different signs and symptoms during this stage and thus it can be hard for someone to adjudge how it feels without actually experiencing it.

6. Go immediately when you hold your baby:-

We had a talk with hundreds of women in order to clear up our doubt and approximately all of them agreed on one fact that pain of contractions is only felt till you do not deliver the baby. When the baby finally arrives, this pain of contraction goes faded with its arrival.  Besides this, the pain can be more or less depending from women to women.


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