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6 Simple Ways to Conserve Water and Use it Effectively

Simple Ways to conserve water and use it effectively


Water is a transparent solvent which is essential for the existence of humans and all other life forms on this earth’s surface. The chemical formula of water if H2O and it comprises the 1/3rd or 71% portion of this earth. It forms a chief portion of the sea, lakes, ponds, rivers and even rains. It is also present within the air in the form of vapors. Some of the life forms on planet earth also live in it. Water serves to be the living place for about seventeen percent of biological species on this earth and no-one can survive if it completely gets contaminated or if it ends. The need of the hour is to look for the possible options to conserve water, which can be done in several ways which can be described as follows:-

Simple Ways to conserve water and use it effectively

How to Conserve Water and Use it Effectively

1. Switch Off the Water Taps properly:-

One was of conserving water is also in preventing its wastage. After a time of continuous usage, the water taps start keeps leaking till you do not switch off the water tap properly. In such a case, you should pay attention towards each and every tap in your house and they should be immediately closed when you see any of them running without purpose.

2. Mend/Repair the Leaking Water Taps:-

Some water taps keep on leaking even if we try our best to shut them tightly. In such a case you should call a plumber to mend or repair the leaking tap as a tap with water leaking at the speed of just one or two drops per second will waste as more as two to three buckets of water in just a single day.

3. Use Bucket Instead Of Shower/Bathing Tub:-

People who bath taking time are the best enemies of water. Such people can’t bath without completely filling the bath tub which takes at least forty to fifty liters of water to be filled for a single time. Such people are not satisfied with a single bath and they choose to take multiple showers in the same tub. You should use bucket in order to bath as it gives you a clear analysis of water wasted by you. Approximately 20-25 liters of water is enough for an individual to bath properly.

4. Use Water Spray Bottle Instead of Submersible Pipe for Cleaning Car:-

Some people have the habit of cleaning their car regularly. They get submersible water pumps positioned in their houses with a pipe connection to pump out water with excessive pressure for better cleaning of their car and such people waste an amount of water as large as seventy to eighty liters of water for a single car wash. In order to prevent this water from getting wasted, you can switch to a water spraying bottle spraying water on the car surface with it and then using a kerchief or tissue to wipe it off.

5. Adopt Rain Water Harvesting Approaches:-

Rain water harvesting includes building tanks and ponds to store the water of rains in it. This water can be bought in use for drinking and gardening purposes afterwards. You can also use this water with your inverter battery. The water that you generally throw after washing clothes in a washing machine can also be bought in use for gardening purposes.

6. Position/Build Ponds and Water Treatment Plants:-

Ponds and water treatment/rain water harvesting plants should be positioned at a global level by the government of various nations in order to ensure proper conservation of water. We should also try to make people aware in this direction and children should be made acknowledged about the same from very initial days of their life so as to ensure that even they use water in a responsible manner.


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