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Consequences of Long Term Bullying Someone

Consequences of Bullying


The reason why people make bullying may be known to you and you might be thinking why people practice such kinds of things for sure. People try to make others threat by practicing it and choose to beat others mercilessly. Often a muscular guy can be seen trying to suppress some skinny guy as he is physically weak but do you know what consequences can bullying result in? Well, let me tell you some of the common consequences that bullying results in.

Consequences of Long Term Bullying Someone

Consequences of Long Term Bullying Someone

1. Enter the State of Depression:-

Depression is the first and foremost consequence of bullying. People who get bullying are seen to enter the state of depression and choose to stay cut off from others. They often stay stressed and choose to stay away of people. These types of people speak less and prefer not to make any friends as well.

2. Trying to Suicide:-

In some cases it has been seen that the repeated cases of threatening, beating mercilessly and kicking the victim caused by the person practicing bullying on his enemy can even make the victim try to suicide trying to run away from the life. These type of people don’t feel like living everyday with that humiliation and thus choose to get rid of it by suicide.

3. Can’t Fit In With others:-

A person who has been bullied quiet much often feels like he or she is unable to fit in with the others and thus chooses to stay away. These type of people try to stay away of every person much physical than them and often speak less and choose to stay behind the crowd.

4. Children Might Fear Going To School:-

In some of the cases it has been seen that after becoming a victim of bullying, a child feels it impossible for him to go to school and starts throwing tantrums and making false reasons why he or she can’t go to the school. Sometimes these type of children will close themselves in toilet or their own room so as to not go to school or even seek for the ways that can make them sick so that they may be asked to stay at home by their parents. These type of children sometimes don’t even tell their parents what happened to them.

5. Cry Much Often on Small Things:-

The person who has become a victim of bullying since the very beginning of his or her childhood will cry much often on even small-small things. Such person will have tears rolling down out of fear when someone will ask him to do what he fears and will even show signs of stress or fatigue sometimes. If you are seeing any signs of black eye with your child, 99% chances are there that he has been bullied by someone.

6. Won’t Be Able To Share:-

Even if you know that there is something wrong with the person, you still will find it difficult for yourself to ask a person if he or she has been bullied as such person are not able to share their sorrows with others either because of the fear that the bullying person has made them get scared of or even due to some personal reasons of them.


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