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How to Connect to the Internet with Windows

How to Connect to the Internet


Internet is something that has become a basic need of people in contemporary world. They can prefer to live for a day or two without food, but not without internet. Internet gives you an access to multiple chatting rooms, social networking websites and much more.

How to Connect to the Internet with Windows (5 Steps)

How to Connect to the Internet with Windows

Why Should I Connect To Internet?

It takes you a couple of seconds to download your favorite game and to make your mobile bill be paid. You don’t need to rush to malls and shops and you can keep on shopping, lying at your comfortable bed with a pillow in your arms and mobile phone with internet in your hands and you can do shopping for yourself without even moving out physically. Internet makes the whole world get compressed within your hands. In order to get connected to the internet, you just need to adopt any of the ways that we are mentioning here and you will get sorted.

Ways To Get Connected To Internet:-

1. Broadband Connection On Your Computer Or Laptop:-

In order to get connected with the internet services, you might need to get a broadband connection from some local internet services provider in your locality preferably they will connect it via telephone lines or will fix up a small transmitter device at the rooftop that will act as an intermediate to supply the data from supplier to your device via means of cables.

2. Modem / Dongle Or Data Card For Your Tablet Or P.C:-

You can even choose to go for a pen drive like device that we call as the dongle or data card or modem that can be used so as to supply the data packets to your system. The dongles and data cards are compatible with almost all the types of tablets, palmtops and laptops as well as personal computers.

3. SIM Card Based Data Usage On Mobile Handset Or Tablet:-

You can even choose to go for a SIM card based connection that you can make with the help of SIM card in your mobile by subscribing to an internet plan suiting your needs on it. You can even choose to install the P.C suite software in your laptop or personal computer so as to use the mobile data on your computer or laptop device.

4. Make Your Home A Wi-Fi Zone:-

If you are using a Wi-Fi based dongle or you have a Wi-Fi router fixed up with your broadband device, the data can also be used in the Wi-Fi mode so as to make the data available for the other devices. There are some specific Wi-Fi plug-in devices specially made for this purpose that you simply need to plug in and the data becomes available to every device in the premises of your house or office.

5. GPRS settings for a better connection:-

You may choose any method of making data be available to your device but remember to keep in mind that you know the specific GPRS settings for it. If you are using internet on a simple multimedia handset, you might need to make these settings yourself or you may even call and ask the customer care representative about it.


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