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How to Connect iPhone to PC

How to connect iPhone To PC


iPhone is a kind of Smartphone of apple and to connect your iPhone with your personal computer, you need to spend a little bit sweat as there is no removable memory card with the iPhone and most of these mobile sets use the internal memory or the cloud storage options for storing the files. To connect the iPhone to computer, we need to synchronize both and that can be done making the use of a data or a USB cable that comes with the phone and this can be done in the way that we are mentioning here.

How to connect iPhone To PC

How to Connect iPhone to PC

1. Detach the Charger Head and Take the Cable Out:-

In order to connect your iPhone to computer system, you will first of all need to detach the charger head and take the cable out. This cable will act as a data cable for making the connection between computers as well as the iPhone device. The charger head can be placed at a safe place and the cable head can be inserted in the respective port in the C.P.U.

2. Connect the U.S.B Head in the Dedicated U.S.B Port and Make a Connection:-

As I told you earlier, the U.S.B head will be positioned in the respective port for it and the other side will be entered in the charging area of the iPhone device. This will make you get a kind of connection menu in the phone from which you need to select the mass storage option.

3. Select the Phone in iTunes Source List:-

You may even be required to select the phone in the iTunes source list and after selecting that you may be able to go for the further connection, making approach that includes you to exchange the data between computers as well as the iPhone device.

4. Go for the Automatic Synchronize or the Manual Synchronize:-

There are two options provided in the connection menu and one amongst these is the automatic synchronization which means the computer and phone both will get synchronized automatically while the other which is manual synchronization will make you get the connection in a manual way.

5. Cloud Option for Other Cases:-

After you have synchronized both, the system and iPhone will get connected and in case this also does not satisfy you, you may choose to go for the cloud storage based options for accessing the stuff stored over cloud on both the devices by enabling an internet connection over the computer system and then opening up the cloud account on your device.


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